Vintage My Little Pony Bag: A trip down memory lane!

my little pony vintage 1980s 80s bag handbag

Vintage My Little Pony Bag

Hello friends! I’m going to be super honest and tell you up front, this is going to be a super short post because today I just want to take you on a two minute trip down memory lane to look at this super cute vintage 1980s My Little Pony bag. I got this years ago, I’m not even sure where I bought it from, maybe eBay, maybe a charity shop, but whatever… it’s adorable! The colours take me right back to my childhood and the old style My Little Pony imagery is so special! Oh and if you want one, there’s currently on for sale on eBay and they pop up firly often to click here! 

I found these photos on my computer and I couldn’t resist sharing them. Enjoy!

my little pony vintage 1980s 80s bag handbag