The hot pink Gucci Marmont bag is BACK!!!!

The hot pink Gucci Marmont bag is BACK!!!!The hot pink Gucci Marmont bag is BACK!!!!

Hello friends! OMG! I get asked about my pink Gucci Marmont bag ALL the time and as much as I love the compliments, I hate having to tell people that they no longer do it in pink. Thankfully, Gucci are back with a new Marmont bag in hot pink and I had to tell you about it! It’s SO cute, it’s a shocking pink with a pink Gucci logo on the front! It is a little different to mine, but it’s fabulous and the nearest thing they have made in YEARS! Ladies, if you want it, snap it up here! Also, if you want to know more about this bag in general, I did a Gucci Marmont review here! Enjoy!

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Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

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