Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! *review*

Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! *review*Five things you need to know about Radley handbags!

Hello friends! Today I want to tell you about Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! I have been wearing Radley bags for years now and I thought it was time we chatted a little more about these bags, a bit more in depth. Last year I had a baby and my handbag needs changed and as much as I love rocking a Chanel  bag, I also need something cute and practical too, and that’s where Radley comes in! Their bags are stylish, fit all my baby stuff, easy to carry and I don’t panic about leaving it on a table next to a bowl of half eaten chips at soft play! Today we will cover price, design, practicality, quality, how to style and so much more! Let’s go!!

radley camera bag review

They have super cute designs

Radley have some simple chic black and navy bags which are great for wearing to the office, but they also have some really cute bags for wearing with more casual looks. I’m a leggings and a jumper girl or cute dress and chunky cardigan fan, so whenever I can pimp it up with a sweet bag, I’m always happy and Radley bags can be adorable! This season I LOVE the camera bags and cross body bags, not only do they have this super cute 70’s inspired flower bag, but they also have an adorable gingham print bag – I was so torn between the two!!! They make a super casual bag for the weekend or week day and they are really practical too. 

Their bags are amazing quality

It’s true. Radley bags are amazing quality. They are made from great quality leather which has been treated just the perfect amount, not so soft that it damages easily, but not treated so much that it feels like plastic or coated canvas. It’s a perfect blend of being soft and tactile, but also being hardwearing and durable. What ever girl needs, if you ask me! 

radley camera bag review

Practical bags for every occasion

Built into the Radley DNA is practicality and I’m really feeling this right now! I have a fair few camera bags in my handbag collection, but this Radley one is just a tiny bit bigger and fits that tiny bit more inside. It also has a strap that is the perfect width for looking cute, but also being really comfortable to wear. And if we circle back to the leather being durable and hardwaring, it’s honestly the match made in heaven. I know I can pack my camera bag filled with snacks, purse, phone, camera, keys and everything else I need, throw it over my shoulder and forget about it. Similarly, if I had a job and bought a tote bag for the office, I know it would be big enough to fit everything from my lunch to my laptop, and also look smart and be comfortable to carry. I’m telling you, Radley know how to make a good practical bag, which looks great! 

Look out for their collaborations

Over the years, Radley have done some amazing collaborations from some of Britain’s most loved brands. Some of my past favourites include; Pashley, Sanderson, Holly Fulton, British heart foundation and more. It’s well worth keeping an eye on their website and / or mailing list to see what’s new! The Pashley collection was SO cute for the twee ladies and the British Heart Foundation bags were not only supporting an amazing cause, but those heart shaped bags were adorable! 

radley camera bag review

Don’t forget to check out their sales!

Finally, I’m a thrifty mrs and I’m always keen to check out a seasonal sale and Radley have really good ones! My bag was half price, it was reduced from £189 to £94. As for the amazing gingham camera bag, that’s also on sale £169 to £118. And if those two don’t grab you, there’s SO many amazing bags on sale, so it’s always worth checking it out and seeing if there’s a little ‘something something’ you like! Also, another top tip would be to head over to one of their outlet stores, which are also amazing, I used to LOVE the store at Ashford Designer Outlet, it was amazing!! 

Watch my video!

Ta da! And there we have it!! Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! I hope this post is of help to you, please let me know if you have any questions. This post contains press samples.

Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! *review*

Are Radley bags luxury?

Radley make beautifully made high quality leather handbags. Whilst they cannot compete with the Gucci’s (See my new Marmont bag here!) and Chanel’s of the world, they are beautifully made and crafted out of luxury materials. They have a rich history, oodles of adoring fans worldwide and their bags can become collectors items once they have sold out. 

What age group are Radley bags for?

Radley bags are amazing for every age women, the Radley London range is a little more fashion forward and cooler, I would say this range is more for women in their 20’s and 30’s. Similarly, some of the collaboration bags are more ‘trend’ led and geared towards their younger and more fashion conscious fan, but their bags really can be worn by anyone at any age. 

Are Radley bags real leather?

Yes, Radley bags are made from beautiful quality leather. Unless stated otherwise, like any bags made from coated canvas of canvas for the summer months. 

Are Radley bags worth the money?

Yes, Radley bags are worth the money. They are well-made, well-designed and constructed from high quality materials. Their bags last for years and they are really practical for every day use. A Radley bag will last you years, if not decades. 

Do Radley have sales? 

Yes, Radley host great seasonal sales! Look out for them every christmas and summer, as well as flash discount weekends. It’s also worth checking out their stockists sales too! 

Do Radley have discount stores? 

Yes, Radley have discount stores with McArthur Glen, check the website to see if they have a store near you, but personally, I have been to the Cheshire Oaks and Ashford stores and both were AMAZING! 

radley camera bag review

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