Five New Years Resolutions if you are too lazy to think of any!

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Five New Years Resolutions if you are too lazy to think of any!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would do a bit of a new year, new me kinda post. I don’t know about you guys, but I was ill over Christmas and new year so that time for reflection and goal setting, just wasn’t there for me. Instead I was a snotty mess just trying to get through the day!

As you might have noticed, I have a one year old and no child care and no family near, so big goals aren’t really something I can make right now. So instead I thought about the smaller goals and tasks which could potentially make a big impact on my life. And then I thought to myself ‘a lot of these relate to other people too’, so I thought I would share them! Let’s go!


Book yourself in for any medical check ups

I’m talking covid boosters, flu shots, dentist check ups, eye tests and most importantly, smear tests and mammograms. Got a lump or a mole you have been meaning to get checked out? Book that appointment and make it a New Year’s resolution!

Get a handle on your credit cards and bank loans

Got credit cards? Don’t worry! Most people do! The best thing you can do for yourself is actually LOOK at them! See which ones are charging the most interest and look into switching them over to a 0% balance transfer card which you can work at paying off. Or maybe you have a credit card which is super close to being paid off and you can push to make those last payments faster and get it finished with! The scariest part is always looking and addressing them, but once you can see all the numbers and you have a mini plan, you feel a lot more in control.


Book a mini break or a holiday

That’s right! You deserve some time off! If money is in short supply, maybe you could go visit a friend or family member who lives somewhere lovely and has a spare room. Or you could book a holiday cottage somewhere in the uk for a weekend. Hell, if you have the funds, book something epic! You only live once, but take that annual leave and enjoy it! Photos in this post from Margate Suites

Cook more meals

I don’t need to convince you that cooking from scratch is healthier and cheaper, we all know it. But if you struggle in the kitchen, set yourself the challenge of finding just a few recipes which you can make once or twice a week with ease. Figure out what works for you and don’t be afraid to stick to it. For me, I love one pot style dishes, generally slow cooked. I love a chilli, soup, curries… they are easy to make, delicious and cosy, plus I can batch cook them and freeze them.


Start a pension, or sort out your pension

If you are self employed, please please please start a pension! It’s so important!!! And if you are already in employment, the chances are you will have a pension set up by your workplace, but you might have old workplace pensions you think are ‘lost’. Or maybe you are self employed but used to have a job and think your old pensions are lost. Whatever it is, please, get them in check! Either way, if you open a Pension Bee account, you can start a new self employed pension or you can consolidate all your old pensions and put them in one tidy pot so they can keep growing! Also use my link for a refer-a-friend £100 bonus.. I get one too!

Ta da! And there we have it! I hope this post is of help! Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading!