SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags!

SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags!

SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags! I love my Vintage Louis Vuitton bags and I honestly can’t recommend them enough… the quality, prices, designs… there’s truly so many reasons to buy vintage or pre loved Louis Vuitton bags and today I’m going to get into it and hopefully give you a bit of a Louis Vuitton Bag review too! Let’s go!!

Save yourself some money

First up, and probably the most obvious and for some the most important reason to buy vintage or preloved bags, is that you can save yourself some monneyyyyy!! Preloved bags tend to be cheaper than brand new bags, so save yourself some cash and buy preloved LV. The only thing you need to be careful of is always making sure you buy authenticated vintage Louis.

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SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags!

Louis Vuitton bags are great quality

One of the best things about Louis Vuitton bags is that they are really great quality and not only that, the coated canvas is mega durable. More so than any other leather designer bag. IMO. So if you buy yourself a pre-loved or vintage LV bag, even if it’s been worn loads, I promise, there will still be years and years or wear left in it!!

Preloved bags are less scary!

I’m not talking about ghosts and vampires here, I’m talking about the fear you feel when it comes to using a brand new designer bag and the worry of ruining it. The wonderful thing about preloved bags is that they are less scary, they might already have the odd surface scratch and crease in the leather, making them feel less precious, in a good way!

Vintage Louis Vuitton bags are more unique

Y’all!!!! Why do we fetishise having the exact same bag as everyone else when we could buy preloved and disconnect designs which are more rare and special!!!!???? And spend less on them! Just putting it out there, but vintage is more unique!

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LOUIS-VUITTON-monogram-flap-bag-vintage-strap vintage louis vuitton handbag

The leather trim has a beautiful patina

Next up! When it comes to Louis Vuitton, there’s just something about a worn in patina which makes my heart sing! Sure a new bag is nice, but a worn in Louis Vuitton has the richest, softest, most beautiful patina going and it cannot be beaten.

Vintage Louis bags are a great investment!

Finally, Louis Vuitton bags are a good investment, but a vintage Louis Vuitton bag is a GREAT investment! Remember what I said about rarer designs and worn in leathers?! This is what make Louis Vuitton bags collectible!!!!! And much like a car loosing value when it’s driven off the forecourt, you don’t get that with a preloved bag. The initial devaluation of it being ‘second hand’ is already gone and now the only place for the price to go is up… as long as you look after it! Just a side note here, if I sold my Chanel bags today, I would possibly break even on the bags I bought new, but it’s the vintage bags which I will make a profit on! It’s the same with a preloved Louis.

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Ta Da!!! And there we have it! SIX Reasons to shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags! I hope this post is of help. This post contains affiliate links. 

LOUIS-VUITTON-monogram-flap-bag-vintage-strap vintage louis vuitton handbag

Are Louis Vuitton bags good quality?

Yes! Louis Vuitton bags are great quality! They are made of beautiful quality coated canvas which is really hardwearing. The brass hardware is also great quality and looks amazing for decades and the leather trim is soft and ages beautifully. Louis Vuitton bags get better with time and if you look after them, they last for decades. 

Are Louis Vuitton bags worth the money?

Yes, Louis Vuitton bags are well worth the money. They are beautifully made, an iconic brand and if you ever decide to resell your bag, they hold their value really well and often increase with value too. A true fashion investment! 

What is the best Louis Vuitton bag to buy first?

The Louis Vuitton Pochette is the best first bag. It’s a great wearable bag for every day and it’s a great entry level price too. From there, you can increase your collection, but you will never regret your Pochette! 

Why is Louis Vuitton so special?

Louis Vuitton is special because it’s one of the worlds more iconic and recognisable brands. Everything they create is amazing quality and they are a sign of luxury around the world. They stay true to their heritage, whilst embracing the new generation. 

How to sell a vintage Louis Vuitton?

I would recommend selling a vintage Louis Vuitton via specialist auction or through a trusted reseller. My top picks are:

Is Louis Vuitton better than Chanel? 

Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel are known as the POWER THREE designers. They are all equally prestigious, it’s really all about your personal taste and style. Louis Vuitton has an incredible heritage and the bags are really durable, which is why a lot of people prefer them to Chanel and Hermes as their bags can be more delicate as they are often made from softer leathers.