Navigating the Challenges of Finding Underwear After Giving Birth

Navigating the Challenges of Finding Underwear After Giving Birth

Navigating the Challenges of Finding Underwear After Giving Birth

After giving birth life can go from 0 to 100 very quickly. You’re going to be exhausted, to say the least. So, the last thing you want is irritating, uncomfortable underwear to add to your discomfort. Before your due date, you need to prepare underwear that is going to serve a purpose – and it also needs to feel good on your body. This can sometimes be difficult to find as a lot of normal brands don’t accommodate new moms. However, here we have put together some ideas for you to navigate the challenges of finding underwear for you to make the most of post-birth. Read on for more.

Loungewear and Stretchy Materials

After giving birth, the most important thing is quality time with your newborn and your recovery. That’s why your health and comfort should be at the center of your focus, as it will have a knock-on effect on the rest of your family, including your little one. You want to find brands with comfort in mind, such as SKIMS that has shapewear, loungewear, and maternity ranges. You should ensure you have plenty of loungewear in your closet as you’ve earnt a bit of relaxation time in the home! Once you’ve had a few months of rest and are looking to go back out and about, you could consider shapewear as its stretchy material is ideal for keeping everything in place whilst making you feel your best.

Maternity and Postpartum Underwear Ranges

To get the right fit as well as feel, whilst considering what your body is going through during and after pregnancy, you should consider underwear specially designed for maternity and postpartum. These should come with the functions you need, whether you’re looking for absorbent knickers to soak up blood, or wanting sensitive panties if you had a C-section. You will be able to find pairs that are perfect for you and your situation.

Nursing Bras

If you are breastfeeding your baby, there are many benefits to getting a good nursing bra. These bras have a latch on that means your baby has easy access to your breast when it comes to feeds. This means you can nurse your baby in a matter of minutes, wherever you are. Nursing bras are also designed to be comfortable and supportive of sensitive, swollen chests. 

Your Body Still Has Many Changes to Come…

Fully recovering from pregnancy and birth can take a matter of months. It differs from person to person. Therefore, opting for stretchy materials that can adapt to your changing body is the best option for longevity. It may well be a difficult few months as you adjust to your new way of life, but just try to look after yourself and your child as well as possible. Underwear is always a great place to start!

The likelihood is, after giving birth you’re not going to snap back into the underwear you wore before you were pregnant, and this isn’t expected of you either. To ensure your comfort and happiness, do the right thing and buy suitable new underwear to get you through your pregnancy and recovery stages afterwards.

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