Video: My Pink Bathroom Tour + where I bought it!

Video: My Pink Bathroom Tour

Hello friends, today I want to show my pink bathroom. This is truly my dream bathroom. I was desperate for a pink toilet and sink, and the pink tiles were the icing on the cake! Today I’m going to give you a review of my pink bathroom and share where I bought it from!!! Let’s chat!

why I wanted a pink bathroom

Honestly, you can blame the fact that I wanted a pink bathroom on Instagram and Pinterest! I have always been a vintage girlie and the idea of a pink bathroom was so appealing to me. If you have ever drooled over photos of Jayne Mansfield house, then you will understand!

Pink en-suite bathroom pink bathroom suite burlington bathroom bespoke pink toilet and sink

where to buy a pink barhroom in the uk?

If you are interested in a pink bathroom, then you really have two options; vintage or new. You can find oodles of pink bathrooms on eBay and Facebook marketplace, but I’m going to be honest. These would be a lot of work!!!  Why, because they will be second hand and not only will you have to clean them VERY throughly- which quite frankly won’t be a fun job, but you will also potentially have to source all new fixtures which are compatible with old bathrooms.

It’s important to remember that coloured bathroom suites were popular in the 70’s and 80’s, so a vintage suite will at least 40 years old. So it might also have some damage like heavy staining, limescale or chips as well. But mainly I would be concerned with the mechanics needing to be replaced and struggling to find the right parts.

Personally, I would advise you to be very careful when it comes to buying a second hand bathroom suite as it could need a lot of work and the mechanical parts might be harder to source. However, if you, your partner or a family member is a plumber, then I’m sure you will be fine and they will know exactly what to do and where to get any harder-to-source items for you.

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

If you are wanting to buy a new pink bathroom, then I am going to be honest, it’s really hard to find them new. Because coloured bathroom suites became so unfashionable, not many companies make them anymore. So you have to go for a luxury suite, and the only one I could find was from Burlington bathrooms. I have to be truthful here though… it was expensive!!! In fact, it was a lot more than I wanted to spend, but it was my only for making my pink bathroom a reality.

that being said, I am super happy with my pink bathroom, but in terms of cost, it was a lot. And a lot more than I had budgeted for. But I am thrilled with the results!

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

Pro and cons of a pink bathroom

Pros: super fun, unique, a design feature

Cons: expensive, people assume it’s old, if you resell it might be a discourage buyers

where to buy!

Bathroom suite: Burlington Bathrooms

Taps: Perrin & Rowe

Stay up all night print: Desenio 

Mirror: Antique

Pink Paint: Little Greene Paint Company

Toilet Roll Holder: Rockett St George 

Art: Ben Eines / Oliver Bonas / Vintage / Manic Street Preachers signed record

Press play! And there we have it! My pink bathroom; all the details and a tour! Thank you for watching!