SIX Lovely New Treats For The Home!

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SIX Lovely New Treats For The Home!

Hello friends! Today I want to show you five lovely new treats I got for our house. After 2 HARD yeas of renovating, it feels so nice to finally be accessorising, even if it is very slowly with Mary in tow! Today I want to show you five lovely new things I bought, some new, some vintage, but all very joyful! Let’s go!

staub tomato dish

Staub Dishes

I recently bought myself these Staub dishes from Brandalley and I’m SO happy with them!!! I have had my eye on them for a while now – and the larger ones too! And I had been keeping an eye on Brandalley just in case they ever came in, as they had one before. When they did, I swooped in and bought them all!!!! They are so flippin’ cool! I’m going to use them for soups and reheating things and pretty much everything I can! They are durable enough to go from fridge to oven! Plus, they look so pretty!!! If you want to score £20 off your first Brandalley order, then use my refer-a-friend link!

matalan storage basket

Storage Baskets

I have SO many amazing storage baskets now and they are all from Matalan! I honestly think you can’t have enough storage baskets in your home – they are literally perfect in every room!!! And I honestly think the best and most affordable ones are to be found in Matalan!!! This one is perfect for a faux plant (also a Matalan gem) but the rest I have been using for toys, clothes, cleaning products… you name it, I have a storage basket for it!

vintage needlepoint rug

Vintage Rug

I bought this off eBay, I was having a bit of a needlepoint moment… is that a thing?! And I think it cost £30! So happy with it!! I’m pretty sure my boyfriend hates it and my mum has already laughed about it, but I don’t care, I think it’s dreamy!

Acqua Di Parma Diffuser

Acqua Di Parma Diffuser

This Acqua Di Parma Diffuser is new for Christmas 2022! It’s sold exclusively at John Lewis and it’s warm notes of cosy log fires and amber accords! I love it so much!!!

Vintage floral Lampshade

Vintage Lampshade

I found this vintage lampshade in a charity shop for £5 and I almost didn’t buy it!!! Can you believe it?! And now I love it and use it every single evening!!

rockett st george toilet roll holder

A Fancy toilet roll holder

Yes, friends, I have become that person who is excited to chat about a toilet roll holder!!! I know this sounds crazy, but I wanted a toilet roll holder which had a little… pizzaz?! I searched high and low and eventually found a stupidly expensive one at Rockett St George and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I did it.

Ta da! And there we have it! SIX Lovely New Treats For The Home! I hope you love them as much as I do, let me know if you have any questions. This post contains affiliate links and some press samples.