SIX Cosy Candles I can’t get enough of!

Boy Smells 'Hinoki Fantome'

SIX Cosy Candles I can’t get enough of!

Hello friends!! Now that it’s cold, dark and mostly rainy, it’s officially hot chocolate and cosy candle season. My fave hot chocolate powder is Galaxy (the extra frothy one if you can find it – otherwise the classic) and my fave candle is still TBC. Honestly, like Carrie and her shoes, I can’t pick favourites! Instead, I’m sharing six cosy candles I LOVE! Let’s go! 

Jo Loves ‘Christmas Trees’

Jo Loves ‘Christmas Trees’

Let’s start with a bang! The Marvellous Jo Loves Christmas trees is back. This iconic fan favourite candle is filled with notes of pine, lavender, incense and amber. It’s rich, warm, soothing and snuggly. Perfect for cosy evenings and especially needed for those who have an artificial Christmas tree, you get the pine, without all the dropped needles. Perfection!

Liz Earle 'Rose & Ginger' 

Liz Earle ‘Rose & Ginger’ 

This Liz Earle Rose & Ginger candle is so delicious and cosy, plus it’s super affordable! It smells of soft velvety roses and slight spicy ginger for a warm and lovely aroma. It’s delightful! I bloody love Liz Earle! 

Boy Smells 'Hinoki Fantome'

Boy Smells ‘Hinoki Fantome’

I got this Boy Smells Hinoki Fantome in my Latest In Beauty advent calendar and I’m obsessed! I have been avoiding buying Boy Smells candles for a while now, as I was worried I would end up spending a fortune… and hellooooo! I was right! Hide my credit card, because if they all smell as good as this we have a problem! Hinoki Fantome contains notes of tobacco leaves, leather and oakmoss. It’s wonderfully warm, dark, rich and smoky and oh-so comforting! I love it! 

Bella Freud 'Ginsberg is God'

Bella Freud ‘Ginsberg is God’

There are a LOT of stunning candles in the Bella Freud collection, but my current favourite has to be Ginsberg is God. It is rich, retro and smoky and contains notes of fig, tomato, incense and books. It’s so deliciously cosy! 

Aromatherapy Associates 'Deep Relax' 

Aromatherapy Associates ‘Deep Relax’ 

It’s no secret I’m a huge huge HUGE fan of Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax bath oil and their matching candle is just as wonderful! If you need to relax, unwind and you would love a good night sleep, then this is what you need! It contains notes of vetiver, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood and it’s honestly the most soothing and comforting candle you’ll ever find! If you are a problem sleeper, than I can’t recommend this and the bath oil enough! 

Fornasetti 'Flora' 

Fornasetti ‘Flora’ 

My love for Fornasetti candles will never die and the ‘Flora’ scent is my forever fave! These seem to be selling out everywhere, but still seem to have a few, so if you want one, head over to their store! Their candles smell as fabulous as they look and Flora is filled with the scent of tuberose, jasmine and sandalwood, it’s truly spectacular! No wonder they are sold out at so many stores…

Ta da! And there we have it! SIX Cosy Candles I can’t get enough of! I hope you love them as much as I do and if you want to cheer yourself up this winter, make yourself a hot chocolate and light a candle and I promise, you will feel ten times happier! Also, this post contains affiliate links and some press samples. 

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