FIVE Ways To Authenticate A REAL Louis Vuitton Scarf

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Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Louis Vuitton Scarf

Hello friends!! Today I want to have a chat about Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Louis Vuitton silk Scarf. I have a nice collection Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and celine scarves in my wardrobe; some vintage, some new and even a few heirlooms! However, for the life of me, I can’t find a LV scarf in my collection as I think I’ve misplaced some in the move. So to illustrate my post I’m going to use a selection of other scarves; mainly Chanel and Hermes. Also, this post focuses on 90 x 90 silk squares, the iconic size of a silk scarf. So if you are looking for tips on how to authenticate a cashmere stole, this might not be the post for you! Ok! Let’s go!


Does the scarf have hand rolled edges?

This is probably the biggest giveaway of how to spot a real or a fake designer silk square scarf. Are the edges hand rolled. Now here’s the important part, there are two ways of rolling a scarf edge, one is by hand and the other is with a machine. So if your scarf has rolled edges, this isn’t a certificate to say it’s authentic, you need to look for them to be hand rolled

You can spot a hand rolled edge because they are incredibly beautiful and intricate. The edge of the scarf is literally rolled into itself and held together with tiny stitches every few millimetres. The stitch is barely visible with the main part of the thread being hidden within the roll. All you see is the odd tiny stitch from the outside and if you look closely, they look hand done. No machine can replicate this process. It must be done by hand and it’s a very skilled job.

To spot a machine rolled edge you will be able to see much more thread and it won’t be such a perfectly round rolled edge, but the easiest way to tell a machine rolled edge is to look and see how much stitching and thread you can see. If it’s lots then it’s machine rolled.

Whilst some luxury brands will make scarves with a machine rolled edge, the top brands always display a hand rolled edge and Louis Vuitton is no exception. If it’s a Louis Vuitton silk scarf, look out for the hand rolled edge and if it’s machine edged or just a flat seam on the silk, I wouldn’t advise buying it.

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Is It Made From Silk Twill?

Next, you want to look closely at the silk, is it a twill or is it flatter like a satin. Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all use a silk twill. This is a heavier style of silk which has more of a texture running through it. It shouldn’t look shiny or satiny. It should be a heavy silk, slight matte and slightly textured.

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louis vuitton silk scarf how to authenticate

Look out for the Louis Vuitton branding

Next up, look at the Louis Vuitton branding, like REALLY look at it! Is the font exactly as it should be? The spacing between each letter exactly how it is in their logo? As for the LV logo, is that correct? Are the proportions and angles exactly how they should be? It sounds obvious, but this is where fakes often slip up.

How heavy does it feel?

Not all silks are made equally, some silks are thin, floaty and lightweight, and others are thick and heavy. A true luxury silk square should keep you warm in the winter. So touch the scarf, feel the weight, it should be silk twill and it should have a good weight to it. If it feels thin and flimsy, and like the silk will damage or snag easily, it could be an authenticity red flag!

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louis-vuitton-monogram-marbles-classic-bandeau-s00-silk-squares-and-bandeaux--M77531_PM1_Worn view.png

Look closely at the print

Finally, much like examining the logo and branding, you should look closely at the print of the scarf. Are the lines clean? Is there any smudging? Does the colour meet the outline perfectly? Is there any overlap of colours and edging? If so, it could be a sign of it being a fake. The print should be perfect, the colours should be ‘just so’ and the fine details should be just that, fine. It should be perfect!

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Ta da! And there we have it, Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Louis Vuitton Scarf. I hope this post is of help to you! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! Also, please do read my posts on how to authenticate Hermes and Chanel scarves too. This post contains some affiliate links.



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