EIGHT Amazing Christmas gifts for every budget!

Miller Harris L'Air de Rein perfume

EIGHT Amazing Christmas gifts for every budget!

Hello friends!! Today I am back with EIGHT Amazing Christmas gifts for every budget! I have been working super hard on these posts and I have been choosing the best of the best gifts which I love to gift to my friends, family and occasionally… myself!! I really hope this post helps you find something lovely for someone you love. OK! Let’s go! 

burts bees lip balm gift set

Burt’s Bees lip balm gift set

I think we all know a lip balm addict and this set is perfect for that person!! Not only are Burt’s Bees lip balms the BEST for fixing dry lips, but there’s enough in this set to fill their pocket, handbag, bedside table and glove compartment and probably last them the entire year!! Fun fact, a lot of lip balms contain high levels of petroleum which only lubricate the lips and not nourish them, so whilst it feels like it’s helping, it’s actually just making the surface of your lips look and feel glossy. Where as Burt’s Bees lip balms contain a blend of shea butter, beeswax and vitamin e, so they really nourish and hydrate the lips. In short, they are the best! 

Shop Burt’s Bees Gift Sets HERE! 

Monica Vinader Necklace

Monica Vinader Necklace

I LOVE Monica Vinader jewellery and I’ve given their designs to my sister, mum and sister-in-law many a time and they love it!! Their earrings are a great gift if you have a smaller budget and their necklaces are stunning if you have a little more to spend. Also, if you have bought them a chain in the past, you can always buy them charms without the chain in the future, as all the charms and chains are interchangeable and you can layer them up too! Oh and all their silver is recycled and they are carbon neutral too, so it’s a lovely to buy into! 

Read my Monica Vinader jewellery review here! 

skandinavisk candle

Skandinavisk Candle

I love Skandinavisk candle, they are so beautiful!! The Rose, Fjord and Hygge fragrances are my fave, but if you want to be a little more festive, I would recommend one of their seasonal candles which are also stunning! Also, Skandinavisk are a b Corp brand, so again, you can feel proud that you are giving a gift from a brand who makes beautiful products, but also does lovely things for the planet! 

Shop Skandinavisk here!

teapigs tea

Teapigs Tea

If you are wanting a super lovely and super low budget gift (maybe for a secret santa?!) then I can’t recommend a pack of teapigs and a cute new mug enough! They make the BEST tea and have lots of amazing varieties, it’s fun and affordable and perfect for tea lovers! 

Shop Teapigs tea HERE!

QMS skin care collagen

QMS Collagen System Skin Care Set

This is my mums ULTIMATE gift and luxury! It’s the iconic and amazing QMS Collagen System Skin Care Set. It’s a set of three products; a day collagen, evening collagen and active exfoliant. She swears buy it! It’s obvs not for every budget, but if you or your mum loves skincare and wants to set which will really make an impact, then this. is. it! 

Shop QMS skincare here

Miller Harris L'Air de Rein perfume

Miller Harris ‘L’Air de Rien’ Perfume

I LOVE Miller Harris fragrances and I hate to pick favourites, but I really think L’Air de Rien might be the most special! Maybe it’s because it smells like books, memories and embraces, or maybe because it oozes the cool-girl vibes of Jane Birkin. That was who it was created for after all! The story goes that Jane Birkin and Lynn Harris met and Jane told Lynn she could never find a signature fragrance. She wanted it to smell like her husbands jacket, libraries and intimacy. Aside from the iconic bag, this is the only other product on the market which carries her name. 

Shop Miller Harris L’Air de Rien Here 

Stila Lipstick and lip liner

Stila ‘Kindness is Cool’ Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick 

The other day I was complaining all my lipsticks rub off on Mary’s cheeks when I kiss her and she ends up looking like she has a rash (#mumfail). And then I was reminded of the stay all day Stila lipsticks. Which is why I want to recommend the amazing Stila ‘Kindness is Cool’ Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick set. It’s the perfect mid pink shade and it truly does stay all flippin’ day! What could be better!! 

Shop Stila ‘Kindness is Cool’ lip set here! 

the best loccciane gift sets christmas 20222

L’Occitane Skincare Set 

Finally, this was a tough one, because there are SO many amazing L’Occitane sets to choose from! I love L’Occitane, as does my mum, dad, sister and boyfriend! We are all big fans!!! My dad loves the lavender collection, my boyfriend loves the almond, I love the best sellers collection and my mum loves the skincare, and since mothers always know best, I thought that’s what I would recommend! But you honestly can’t go wrong with L’Occitane! 

Shop L’Occitane gift sets here! 

Ta da! And there we have it! EIGHT Amazing Christmas gifts for every budget! I hope this post gives you a little inspo, they truly are my fail safe gift ideas! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! This post contains press samples and affiliate links!