Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!? 20 Top Tips for buying Chanel on eBay!

Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!?

Let’s chat about buying authentic Chanel on eBay!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a big ol’ post about shopping for preloved and vintage Chanel on eBay. How to buy authentic Chanel, save money, be sustainable and give you my top tips for buying Chanel online! Ok! Let’s go!

Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!?

Yes! You can! EBay have just launched a collection of ‘authenticity guaranteed’ products which are literally that. Guaranteed authentic. This does not mean all Chanel on eBay is authentic, just the curated edit with the range. So if you want to buy Chanel on eBay and KNOW it’s authentic, then this is the place to do it. Click here to shop the selection.

Please note that if you are buying from the authenticity guaranteed selection, then you will pay a little more than you would if you were bidding, as the prices generally seem to be a little higher and there’s less mega bargains to be found, but it’s still a LOT cheaper than buying new Chanel and you of course never have to say the words ‘I think’ or ‘I hope it’s authentic’. Because you will know!

Like I always say, it’s not a good price if it’s not real!

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Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!?

How does EBay Authenticity Guaranteed work?!

Usually when you buy a product on eBay, you buy or bid on the item and the seller sends it to you. This could be a person or a business. Either way, it’s a pretty straightforward model. When you shop luxury items on the authenticity guaranteed section, it’s slightly different. You will win or buy the item, the seller sends the item to eBay to authenticate and then the authenticator sends it onto you. 

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20 Top Tips for buying Chanel on eBay!

Look for Authenticity Guaranteed items 

Check the Authenticity Guaranteed section frequently 

Don’t settle for a bag you don’t want just to make a purchase faster – wait for the one you want! 

Watch buy it now items you like, even if you think they are too expensive, as the seller might send you an offer to save money on the item

Look for ebay discount codes and sale weekends, they often offer discount codes which could save you a lot! 

Look for items which end at off-peak times

Look for items which end on holidays, like Christmas day or thanksgiving. Very few people bid on these days and you could grab a bargain! 

Ask sellers questions about how the obtained the items and if any repairs have been made over the years or colour changes 

Study the photos carefully and look for any clues that it might be fake; like poor stitching, imperfections, a lack of clarity in the label stamp etc. 

Avoid bags which have plastic covering the handles or film over the hardware. Chanel will never sell you a bag which still has the cellophane protecting the handles. Instead any protection will be felt or tissue. 

Avoid jewellery which is in a plastic baggie – even if the bag is marked with ‘Chanel’ branding or comes with a box. Chanel NEVER sell jewellery in a little bag

Look at the sellers other items, get a feel for what else they are selling. For instance, if they are selling a Chanel bag, a vintage Mulberry bag and a pair of Prada pumps, then it’s a good sign. If they are selling five exact same brand new Chanel bags then it’s not a good sign! 

How many images have they shared? If they have one of the front and one of the back, ask for more! If they have made a huge effort to show every corner, clasp, zip, label, front, back, insides, chain, then that’s a great sign!

Look For Strategically blurred images, if all the images look pretty clear until you get to the close ups of the details, it might be that they have used a super old camera phone, or it might be that they are trying to deceive the potential buyers. If the images aren’t showing enough details, ask for more. If the seller is cagey. Avoid! 

Check all fonts and logos. You would be shocked at how many fakes you can detect by looking at the fonts and logos. Be familiar with the shape and proportions of the Chanel interlocking C’s logo and examine the font of the ‘Chanel’ logo. If it looks too tall, too skinny, or just ‘off’, it’s often a clue it’s not authentic. Check every font and logo on everything, the dust bag, the label, everything. 


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Avoid brand new classic bags which haven’t been used, let’s be honest, why would anyone buy a classic flap bag and then never use it and be willing to sell it for half the price?! Instead look for colours which are a bit trickier, or out of favour like navy blue, purples or browns, or go for print bags which might be harder to pair with an outfit. These are less likely to be copies and you can often see why someone would part with it. 

Look for vintage Chanel items as these are harder to copy and whilst they have been making fakes for decades, there are a lot less good fakes around on the vintage market

If you are looking for a Chanel scarf, check this post. It includes loads of detail shots of side-by-side real and fake Chanel scarves and I honestly think I nailed it! 

Check serial numbers. Fun fact, each Chanel handbag has a unique serial number (unlike Hermes who don’t have any serial numbers and LV who have style serial numbers). Some sellers will post photos of the serial numbers and you can google the most used fake Chanel serial numbers. IF you google ‘chanel bag’ with the serial number and a list of known fake serial number bags come up, or other eBay / reseller listings with other Chanel bags which all use the same serial number. Then avoid! 

Authenticate items once you buy them! Finally, if you do make a purchase, then do yourself a favour and get it authenticated ASAP, especially if you have any doubt of it’s authenticity. If the item is counterfeit, then it doesn’t matter if the seller refuses to take returns, they will HAVE to! However, you only have a limited window to do this, so don’t sit on the item for months, get it authenticated as soon as you can. 

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Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!?

Do Chanel check eBay for fakes to remove the auctions? 

This has always been a rumour. That Chanel have a strict anti-ebay policy and they have team members searching for counterfeit Chanel items on eBay, so they can report them and get them removed. Whilst it sounds a little extra, it always gave people confidence that the items on eBay were probably real. However, I can tell you this is not the case. Perhaps once upon a time, there was truth to this rumour, but there’s plenty of Chanel fakes on eBay and if I can spot them, then I’m sure the Chanel employees would too. 

I only mention it, as this is a rumour and I wouldn’t want you to be lulled into a false sense of security but assuming everything in-authentic has been removed. The only true way to shop for authentic Chanel on eBay is via they Authenticity Guaranteed section. 

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Thank you for reading my Can you buy authentic Chanel on eBay!? 20 Top Tips for buying Chanel on eBay! post. I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have any questions, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help answer them. This post contains affiliate links!