A few things that helped me through newborn night feeds!!

fashion for lunch labels for lunch baby smiling maryA few things that helped me through newborn night feeds!!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share a few things that helped me get through those dreaded newborn night feeds. It’s a tough ol’ time but these are the things which really helped me. Both practically and mentally… let’s go!

Remembering it’s not forever!

First up, it’s important to remember it’s not forever and it does get easier. For us, Mary slept through the night from around 10 weeks old and whilst those first 10 weeks were hard, really hard, once she started sleeping through it felt SO good. Even if they do have a week or two of bad sleep later on, it’s never as intense as those newborn days. Remind yourself it won’t last forever and try to make it as pleasant as possible. 

Be warm, be cosy

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the night and roaming around a freezing cold house. It’s so miserable. I know heating costs are crazy at the moment, but if you can leave your heating on low throughout the night so it’s not cripplingly cold, it makes night feeds a whole lot more pleasant. Failing that, figure out where you will do your night feeds and buy yourself an oil filled radiator or heater for that room, so it’s nice and warm for you both. 

Buy yourself the warmest, biggest dressing gown you can find

I’ve never been a dressing gown person, but I promise they are utterly invaluable when it comes to night feeds. They are easy to throw on, super warm and cosy, plus you have easy access to your boobs (if you need it) and you can wrap the baby up in the dressing gown to keep them warm with you. Make sure it’s the biggest size and cosiest fabric you can find!


I can’t recommend airpods (or similar) enough for night feeds. They are quick and easy to connect to your phone and the lack of wires is essential. I used to voice note my friends in the night, watch TV on my iPhone and listen to podcasts. All via my airpods and all wire free. 

Netflix, Audible, boxsets… 

Basically, whatever audio / visual treats you need to get you through the night, just do what you gotta do! For me, I wanted to re-watch an old favourite, so I bought myself the Sex & The City series on apple TV and binged watched them every night on my phone. Side note: Why is it not on Netflix?! I obviously already know the storyline, so I didn’t have to concentrate, but it felt nice to revisit the series after all these years. Personally, I would recommend something comforting and cosy which you can enjoy in bitesized chunks. Maybe for you it’s Friends, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, The Big Bang Theory… whatever works for you. But personally, I would say keep it light and comforting. It’s an emotional time so avoid anything too heavy or scary. 

Have snacks ready 

Night feeds can be exhausting, so have some snacks and a drink at the ready. If you want a hot drink in the night, make yourself a flask or travel cup before you go to bed, so it’s ready and waiting for you. Also, when it comes to snacks, try and choose something nutritious and delicious, for me it was Nakd or kind bars because they are super yummy and packed full of goodness, so I looked forward to my midnight feast. 

Buy super low watt lightbulbs

Everyone is different, but for me, I used to get out of bed and take Mary to the living room to feed her. I found the sofa more comfortable than sitting up in bed and I found it easier to stay awake too. Plus it meant I didn’t have to worry about disturbing Jon and I could just sit, relax, watch tv on my phone and feed Mary until we were both ready to go back to bed. I personally found the nightlight didn’t give me enough light, but the lamps and main lights were too bright for the middle of the night. Instead, I used to turn the light on in the kitchen and leave the door a jar to get a little light into the room, but not so much it was intrusive. What I should have done, is replaced the lamps with super low watt lightbulbs for a much more comforting, cosy light. 

Prep before bed!

Finally, in the same way that you might want to prepare snacks and a hot drink before you go to bed, prep everything you can before you go to bed so it’s ready and waiting for you in the middle of the night. I’m talking nappies and wipes, dressing gown, muslin, breast pump, snacks, a drink, airpods, remote control, DVD lined up, nipple shields, sterilised bottles… whatever you need. I promise it makes night feeds a whole lot easier. 

Ta da! And there we have it, I hope this little post helps you. Night feeds are hard, I promise it doesn’t last forever and it gets easier. But it’s important to make it as pleasant as possible for you and the baby. I always figured if I was warm, cosy and happy, the baby would be too and hopefully fall asleep faster and longer because of it! Good luck friends! xxx