OMG! Judith Leiber X Katy Perry Toadstool Clutch Bag! +10% discount code!

Judith leiber bag review toadstool mushroom katy perry collaboration

OMG! Have you seen the Judith Leiber X Katy Perry Toadstool Clutch Bag?!

Hello friends!!! Today we need to chat about the Judith Leiber X Katy Perry Toadstool Clutch Bag! I spotted this little beauty on the Matches website and honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it! It’s super cute and playful and IMO, I think it could be the perfect christmas bag or whimsical wedding bag! I also think it could end up being a pretty cute collectable… let’s chat!

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Judith Leiber X Katy Perry Toadstool Clutch Bag Details

  • Made in italy
  • Priced at £5,450
  • Detachable chain
  • silver leather lining
  • Hand embellished with crystals and faux pearls
  • Measures 15.2cm wide x 15.8cm long x 15.2cm deep
  • Chain strap length is 48cm
  • Free delivery when bought from

Judith Leiber Quality Review

I don’t have a Judith Leiber bag – yet!! However, it is a bag I am saving up for and hoping to own at some point, so I have consulted a friend who knows the brand intimately. He works as a personal shopper for a pretty major retailer who stocks Judith Leiber, but he gave me his off-the-record opinion on them. He knows I want to buy one and quite frankly, if they were a terrible investment and horrible quality, he would tell me. Y’all might be friends with doctors and CEO’s, but I have friends who give me the inside scoop on handbags! 

Whilst Judith Leiber bags ARE admittedly expensive, he assured me they are incredible quality and if any crystals fall off, they always repair them. No matter where you purchase the bag from. Which for me, is a big selling point, as I once bought a pair of shoes and the crystals fell off and when the brand found out I hadn’t bought them directly from their store or website, they refused to help me! Which honestly, is TERRIBLE! They were authentic shoes sold via one of their retailers, but alas, they wouldn’t help me! It does give me a certain amount of karmic glee that the brand folded a few years ago, but it’s stuck with me and I always like to check now if the brand will do repairs regardless of which retailer your purchased through. And Judith Leiber will, and it sounds like there is no cut off point too.

He also said that they are quite a marmite bag, so if you love them, embrace it, but perhaps don’t buy one as a gift. Which is fair. Bags are a really personal purchase, and whilst a classic black Chanel bag might be a pretty universal bag, these adorable crystal clutch bags are a little more specific!

But let’s be honest, the best things in life are a little polarising! That being said, I think this mushroom / toadstool design is one of the best ones I’ve seen in ages!!!

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Where to wear a Judith Leiber Bag

Judith Leiber bags are fairly small, so they are best worn for occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, dinner dates and such like. And when you aren’t wearing them, they make the most perfect bedroom or walk-in object des art to admire!

What is a novelty bag?

A novelty bag is generally a handbag shaped like an item and they are generally fun and whimsical. Sometimes novelty bags are low priced and child-like, other times they are high end and artful, like the Judith Leiber bags.

Where do I know Judith Leiber Bags from!?

I couldn’t do this post without touching on why you might know Judith Leiber bags if you aren’t super familiar with them. In Sex & The City series 2, Mr Big gave Carrie a crystal embellished Judith Leiber duck purse. It was a bit of a moment and she pretty much hated the bag and it made her wonder ‘does he even know me?!’. It wasn’t the best moment for Judith Leiber, if we are honest! However, in the SATC movie (no.1) we see Lily with an adorable cupcake Judith Leiber bag for the wedding and it truly stole the show. And that’s when we realise Judith Leiber is a cool brand, you just need the right design and the duck didn’t cut it!

As for the Eiffel Tower bag we see in the first movie and in And Just Like That, that is not a Judith Leiber bag, it’s actually by Timmy Woods Beverly Hills. It was crystal encrusted for Carrie and later donated and sold at auction for charity. Just so you know!

Are Judith Leiber bags a good investment?!

Yes, Judith Leiber bags are a good investment, especially the crystal minaudière. These hold their value incredibly well and in some cases sell for more on the resale market. Many of the minaudière designs are limited edition and they are all handmade, so they tend to be hard to come by on the second hand market, so if there is a design you want, snap it up!

Where can I buy Judith Leiber bags?

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What is Judith Leiber known for?

Judith Leiber is most famous for her cute and quirky crystal covered minaudière handbags. Think watermelons, ducks, cupcakes, animals and toadstools.Leiber’s handbags are considered both art and fashion and on show at the Smithsonian, MOMA and the Victoria and Albert Museum. In pop culture, they are most known for their appearances on Sex & The City.

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Go Shopping!

And there we have it! My OMG! Judith Leiber X Katy Perry Toadstool Clutch Bag! +10% discount code! post! I hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any questions, please let me know and thank you for reading – also read this post! This post contains affiliate links!