Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle

Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle

Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège

Hello friends!! Today I want to chat about the Jo Malone London X Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle. This is a limited edition item which has been created with the Michelin star chef Jean-François Piège. It is designed to evoke the feeling of the English countryside, add freshness to the room, dispel any cooking smells and amplify your dining experience. It’s a truly magical candle and I’m so excited to share it with you! Let’s go! 

Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle

What does Jo Malone ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle smell like?

Notes: Earl Grey Tea, Violets, Rice

“A seamless fusion of two worlds. Fine food and fragrance meet to create a unique scent for the home. A bright burst of bergamot – reminiscent of Earl Grey tea – is dressed with the green freshness of violet leaves, cocooned in a unexpected note of warm, fluffy rice.”

Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle

Jo Malone ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle Review

When it comes to candles, it’s well known that Jo Malone London create some of the best home fragrances around. They are adored for their fresh signature scents like the classic Lime, Basil & Mandarin, as well as their more sultry home fragrances like Pomegranate Noir and Rose Roses. They have scents for every season, like Wood Sage & Sea Salt for the summer and limited edition winter fragrances like Pine & Eucalyptus. There truly is a candle for every taste, mood and season. That being said, occasionally they will treat us to a new fragrance, just to keep things fresh…. ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ is one of these times and my friends… it’s fabulous! 

If you are a fan of the Jo Malone Charity Garden candles, then this one will be right up your street. It is a fresh, beautiful floral which has a punch of freshness and a twist of vintage. It is bright and uplifting, without being intrusive. It’s fresh, joyful and clean, and it’s the perfect candle to burn in the daytime when you are enjoying an afternoon of cooking or coffee with a friend over the kitchen table. The bergamot is fresh, citrusy and slightly smoky and the violets are a warm, nostalgic vintage with a wonderfully green twist. As for the rice, that’s more of a soft, slightly nutty earthy base. Dreamy! 

In terms of Jo Malone fragrances it reminds me of, it’s somewhere between Earl Grey & Cucumber, with a hint of Wild Bluebells and a nod to the fan-fave Green Tomato Leaf Candle. It also reminds me of the Garden Charity Candle Iris & Lady Moore, which is another stunner. If you love fresh, breezy, daytime floral candles, this one cannot be beaten! 

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Jo Malone x Jean-François Piège ‘Violet Leaf & Bergamot’ Candle

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