Cartier Love Ring: Thin vs Thick

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price white gold bracelet

Cartier Love Ring: Thin vs Thick

Hello friends! I thought today I would be a good time to chat about my opinions on Cartier love ring: thick vs thin! As you might (or might not know!) I have been a lover and owner of a Cartier love ring for about 10 years now and it’s honestly one of my favourite fashion investments! I’ve blogged about them a few times now, but today I thought I would chat about the pros and cons of the thin and thick sizes! Let’s go!

How much is Cartier ring cost?

Cartier love ring price – thick – gold – £1,570

Cartier love ring price – thin – gold – £1,010

Thick Cartier love ring: Pros & cons

Pros: the classic size, more recognisable as authentic, better resale value, more of a statement piece

Cons: More expensive than the thin size

Thin Cartier love ring: Pros & cons

Pros: More affordable than the thick size, better for stacking, more slimline look, a mote subtle design

Cons: less iconic size, people who only know the classic size might question the authenticity, screws less obvious

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price uk

Cartier love ring: thick or thin: the final verdict

The Cartier love ring is a beautiful and iconic design. I got mine ten years ago and I still wear it and love it with all my heart. For me, it’s one of my best ever fashion investments and truly an investment, since it’s gone up in price a LOT since I bought it. 

If you are considering buying a Cartier love ring, I would tell you to go for it – if you have the money! It’s such an amazing design and it truly never goes out of style. Plus if you do ever tire of it, you know you can sell it without loosing any – or at least very little money.

I would say to just choose very carefully which size (thick or thin) is best for you, if you prefer diamonds or no diamonds (I blogged about that here) and which colour is the best for you. Along side these decisions, I would also say to think very carefully about the shape and size of your fingers and what proportionality looks better and suits your hand the best. For me, it’s the thicker size, but for you, you might feel like your long, slender fingers suit a more simplistic, streamline, thin band.

The Cartier love ring also makes a wonderful heirloom, so if you have a daughter who you would like to eventually gift it to, then maybe that could be the nudge you need! 

What does the Cartier love ring mean?

The Cartier Love Ring was designed in the 70’s as a symbol of love and commitment. However, it is also a sign of elegance, class, wealth and fashion. It’s as iconic as a Birkin bag and a great fashion and general investment. 

Does Cartier retain its value?

Yes, Cartier jewellery retains its value very well, especially the more iconic pieces like the Cartier love ring or the wedding band. 

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment gold screw design

Where can I buy an authentic second hand Cartier love ring?

You can find second hand or pre-loved Cartier love rings at a number of places including: 

  • Bonham’s Auctions 
  • Chiswick Auctions 
  • HIWI 
  • Vestiarie Collective 
  • TheRealReal (don’t forget to use the code REAL for 20% off!) 

Can I wear my Cartier love ring everyday?

Yes! you can wear your Cartier love ring every day and I personally have worn mine every day for years. It is really solid, think and durable. It is hard to dent and heavily scratch, you might get a few surface scratches, but nothing dramatic, even with every day use, including sleeping in it and showering in it! 

Which is better, the Cartier Love Ring or bracelet? 

This is really depends on your budget and style. Personally, the Cartier Love ring was completely out of my budget ( at the time it was £4,400, but now it’s more like £5,500). But also, I felt the Cartier Love bracelet wasn’t right for me as I spend a lot of time typing and I hate bracelets knocking against the table / keyboard. That being said, the Cartier Love Bracelet is amazing and beautiful and a true luxury product. 

Go shopping!

Thank you for reading my Cartier Love Ring: Thin vs Thick post. I hope it’s of help and interest. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always shoot to help! This post contains affiliate links.

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