Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review

Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review

Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume

Hello friends! I’m back again with a Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Perfume Review. This is fairly new to the Molton Brown perfume collection and I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ve been a fan of the Rose & Rhubard bath & body products for years, so I’m excited to get stuck in to the perfume.

Also, in case you are new to Molton Brown perfumes, It’s important to remember that whilst they might share the same names as the bath & body products, they don’t smell the same. They are more of an elevated and luxurious upgrade, inspired by the same ingredients, but more complex, higher quality and added accords to add extra pizzazz to the fragrance.

Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review

What does Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Smell like?

Top Notes: Lychee, rhubarb, grapefruit

Heart Notes: Peony, rose, pink pepper

Base Notes: Cedarwood, musk, vanilla

“An irresistible Eau de Parfum with a tempting recipe of sweet lychee, delicate peony and rich cedarwood. A signature note of juicy raspberry brings out the joyful, sparkling nature of this sophisticated fragrance – the perfect complement for warm-hearted and grounded personalities.”

Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review

Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review

I am a huge fan of Molton Brown bath & body products as well as their fragrances. I recently shared a post about the Orange & Bergamot perfume which I adore – spoiler alert – the bath & body version is good, the perfume is SO much better. And last year I shared my five fave Molton Brown Shower Gel scents and Rose & Rhubarb made the cut! So I’m really excited to bring this perfume review to you! 

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Perfume opens with a burst of luxe pink excitement. It’s a really uplifting and sparkling fragrance with notes of lychee, rhubarb and a slight tang of grapefruit. It mingles with the heart notes of pretty peonies, velvety roses and a touch of spicy pink pepper. As for the base, it’s warm, sweet and inviting with notes of cedarwood, musk and soft vanilla. Together it’s youthful, invigorating, fun, flirty and well, pink!

But don’t panic, as much as it’s fun and fabulous, but it’s not juvenile. It’s sweet, playful quality is really elegant and whilst it is youthful, it’s not young. It truly can be enjoyed by women of any age, as long as they feel the spirit of the fragrance. 

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Perfume is a fragrance you get oodles of compliments on and it’s really addictive to wear. I don’t usually go for pretty pink perfumes, but this one is divine! I find myself sniffing my wrist all day long and it generally makes me feel really happy! The high quality ingredients make it stand out from the rest and the twist of pink pepper and zesty grapefruit give it a twist. 

Finally, I read some reviews on the Molton Brown website which say it’s less rhubarb-y than the bath & body products and I do agree, it’s dominant notes to me are rose, lychee and peony, so if you are buying this fragrance for the rhubarb, then you might be disappointed, but other than that… treat yourself! Some perfumes are the reminder we all need to book that afternoon tea with our best friends and buy a bunch of flowers, just because! 

Thank you for reading my Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Perfume Review. I hope it’s of help and interest to you!! If you have any questions, please do let me know. Also, this post contains press samples. 

  Molton Brown ‘Rhubarb & Rose’ Perfume Review