Let’s do a Zatchels Satchel Review +15% discount code!

Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag

Zatchels Satchel Review

Hello friends!! Today I want to do a zatchels satchel review! As you might already know, I love a Zatchel bag and I have a few in my collection, but this new one I have, might be my absolute fave! Even above the pastel rainbow bag of dreams! Yes! I said it and you know how much I love that bag! Or maybe you don’t, but either way, it’s glorious but this one is a tiny bit more wearable or more occasions, but still cute AF! Anyway! Today we are going to chat price, how to style, quality, what fits inside, how to clean it and SO much more! Let’s go!

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Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag

How to style A Satchel 

The zatchels satchel comes in a variety of sizes, but I have the 13” version with an added top handle. I love this one as it’s big enough to fit all my stuff in, but not so big that it becomes heavy. Also in the 13” size, for me it’s big enough to carry a laptop, but not so big that it looks like a briefcase.

Personally, I like to wear my satchel with a cute vintage style dress and oversized cardigan. However, it also looks super cute with faded mom jeans and a cute little teeshirt or jumper.

If you want to make your Zatchels a little more smart, but still super cute and preppy, then it looks really lovely with a tweed skirt and white button down shirt. Especially if you go for a tan, black, oxblood or brown satchel. Very classic, very chic!

Depending on what colour your go for, Zatchels satchels can be worn pretty much anywhere and everywhere because it really is a super versatile silhouette. If you love these satchels, but you aren’t sure which is the best for you, then check this post on the Zatchels best sellers

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Zatchels Satchel Price

My pink Zatchels is normally £120 but it’s currently on offer for £84. For an all-leather bag made in the Uk, this is amazing! Plus if you use my discount code, you can get an extra 15% off, which would make it around £72, which is honestly an incredible price!

Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag


  • Currently available in 21 colours
  • Can be personalised
  • Adjustable and removable strap
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Hidden magnetic fastening for easy opening
  • Made from leather
  • Available in many sizes
  • Multiple ways to wear
  • Currently on sale – and my 15% discount code will give you an extra discount!

 Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag

Ways to wear

This bag can be worn as a top handle bag with the strap removed, or you can wear it as a long shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag. Whatever works best for you! Also, make sure you ask for a top handle, as not all come with a top handle, it just depends what you prefer, for me, I love the look of the top handle, I think it’s adorable. 

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What fits inside

The 13” zatchels satchel can fit a small laptop or iPad and case inside, as well as a purse, phone, keys, charger, a small amount of make up and a cereal bar. It’s not massively wide and it doesn’t have the ability to ‘push out’ much, but it still gets a good amount inside. The 13” Satchel which I have measures 13” wide, by 9″ tall and 3” deep. But if this is too big or small for you, there are many other size options, all of which come in stunning colours. 

Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag

How to care for & clean your bag

Zatchels bags are made of leather which are well treated so they are nice and durable. In most cases they will be able to be wiped clean or surface dirt. If not, you can use a leather cream to help lift the dirt off and protect it from future marks. Also, using a leather cream will help hydrate the leather and keep it soft and supple, as well as prolong its lifespan.

Ideally you should avoid using your satchel in the rain, but if you get caught unexpectedly and your bag gets wet, take the following steps:

  • Wipe your bag dry with a soft, dry, dye free cloth or towel
  • Empty the bag of it’s contents and allow to dry naturally
  • do not try to speed the drying time up by putting it on a radiator – this will dry out the leather
  • Don’t put your bag away until it’s fully dry.
  • When you do store you bag, pad it well to keep its shape and put it back inside the dust bag. Tap out any dust and if you don’t plan to use it for a while? check it once every month or two to make sure it’s still doing well
  • Store in a space which is neither too hot or too cold, nor is it too humid or dry. For example, avoid damp basements and dry, hot airing cupboards. 

Also, if you are going away on holiday to a humid country. Consider leaving this bag and any other favourite bags at home. Humid countries play havoc with hardware, it makes it tarnish fast. This also goes for jewellery, I tend to only wear 925 silver or solid gold when I go away, as these can be polished clean and tend not to tarnish. But if in doubt, leave it at home and enjoy it when you get home. My final tip is to never use a biro around your bag. Instead I always use ink pens as biro ink is the worst when it comes to removal. 

How to save 15% on your next Zatchels bag

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Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag

Is a Zatchels bag worth the money?

Zatchels bags are 100% worth the money. They are high quality handbags, in a classic, timeless style. They never go out of fashion and they are built to last. They are made in England and come in endless colour and size choices. Plus the prices are fantastic! Plus, use my discount code for an extra 15% off – even off sale prices!

Zatchels Satchel bag Review

I flippin’ love a Zatchels bag! I think they are amazing! Alongside making a classic satchel bag, the also make other really cute designs. All of which are made in the UK using leather and traditional craftsmanship. They have a wonderful colour palette, ranging from beautiful pastels, to classic shades of oxblood, tan and black, as well as fun hues like dark reds and mustards. 

Zatchel bags are really really easy to look after, the leather is treated so it can be wiped clean in most instances and over time it will soften up and become much more supple and worn in. Much like a pair of Dr Martens, it is good to ‘break them in’, but this does happen and once you do, they are even better! Using a leather cream regularly, will help soften up the leather too. 

In terms of price, they are bags for (pretty much) life, so if you buy one, you can wear it for years and years. If you choose the perfect size and colour for your lifestyle and your frame, you will literally wear it for decades. And if you really want to commit to your zatchels, you can always get it personalised too with your initials, which is such a cute touch, it reminds me of vintage luggage. Although saying that, I always keep my bags personalisation-free, as I have been engaged for YEARS and still not married, so I never know what initials to use! But it’s a cool option and you could always do it retrospectively. 

One of my main issues with satchels, in general, is that the buckles can be stiff to begin with and be a bit of a nightmare to open and close, especially in a hurry. So if you want to stick with classic buckles, you can, but if you want to add a magnetic fastening for easier access, you can do that too. Zatchels really can be personalised in so many ways, take my bag for example, mine has a top handle – which I choose to add on! It’s fun to get creative with your bags!  

Zatchels bags: Pros & Cons

Pros: Handmade, made in england, 100% high quality leather, easy to clean, easy to care for, great colour and size options, durable, well made, multiple ways to wear, reasonably priced, cool brand 

Cons: Leather is stiff at first, can be hard to choose from all the colours

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have any questions, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help answer them. This post contains affiliate links! 

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     Zatchels Satchel Review 15% discount code pink 13 inch bag