How to find the best items on Facebook Marketplace!

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How to find the best items on Facebook Marketplace!

Hello friends!! Today I want to share my best tips for finding the best items on Facebook marketplace. I have had some incredible finds on there and got them at great prices, but like everything, you need to be in it to win it!!! Also, until I did these things, I never understood why everyone likes Facebook marketplace so much and now I’m hooked!!! OK! Let’s go!!

Save EVERYTHING which looks cool to you

This is my fave tip!! To teach the algorithm what you love, you have to SAVE items which are of interest to you. Even if you don’t plan on buying them, just click the save button so Facebook knows you are into items like that. Seen a cute vintage sideboard? Press save. Looking for a pram? Press save. Love vintage clothes? Press save. The algorithm will soon figure out who you are and then it will start recommending cool items to you! I’ve found some amazing stuff this way, not by searching for things, but being recommended things!! It’s amazing!

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Search in your parents area

I do this a LOT! I change the location to my parents area so if I see anything cool near them I can ask my mum to go pick it up for me! Meaning I get to search more places than just my local area! I sometimes do it when I’m taking staycations too!

Use AnyVan to deliver bulky items to you

If you see something amazing but it’s bulky and far away, then ask the seller if you can buy it and get it collected. You can pay them via either paypal or bank transfer and you can get Anyvan to deliver it for you. I use Anyvan a lot for both eBay and Facebook marketplace and it’s amazing!! Not only can I get bigger items sent to me, but it often works out loads cheaper than hiring a van and paying for petrol!

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Favourite sellers in your area who have items you like

If you find a seller in your area that has cool items, favourite / follow them so you see new items they list! You never know, they might be moving and be listing more stuff soon and you should get to see it before everyone else!

Check frequently

Like I said at the beginning… you have to be in it to win it!!! Log in frequently to Facebook marketplace to see what’s new. You can’t buy things if you aren’t opening up the website! It’s like people who say they never find anything cool in charity shops, only for them to admit they never go in them!

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Widen your search if you live in a rural area

I’m sorry to say this, but if you live in East London, you will probably find oodles of super cool items within a mile radius… hell, maybe even in your building! But if you are rural, you might find you need to widen that search to 10 or 20 miles. If you have a car and a keenness for a bargain, it’s the price you have to pay!


This is important! If you see something good, jump on it!!! I recently got a vintage painting that was £5 and I asked the seller if I could collect it in 3 days and assured her I deffo wanted it. She said that someone else wanted it and could come tomorrow. I hopped in the car and it was mine!!! You have to jump on the good stuff! Similarly, I’ve sold bits and bobs and sometimes the person who got it messaged and arranged it minutes before other people. If you see something you want, especially if it’s cheap, don’t wait, snap it up!!!

How to find the best items on Facebook Marketplace: Summary

  • SAVE items you like – even if you don’t intend to buy them
  • Widen your search – especially if you are in a rural or semi rural area
  • Use AnyVan to collect larger items
  • Search other areas if you or a family member can collect them
  • If you like something – message and collect instantly
  • Favourite local sellers who have good items

Ta da!! And that my friends, is how to find the best items on Facebook Marketplace! I hope it’s of help! I honestly never got the Facebook marketplace hype until I started using it right, so I hope these tips will do the same for you! Enjoy! Also, you might want to read this post on how to get free furniture in the uk.