FIVE Reasons Why Fashion Girls LOVE Kate Spade Bags

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

5 Reasons Why Fashion Girls LOVE Kate Spade Bags

Hello friends! Today I want to share 5 Reasons Why Fashion Girls LOVE Kate Spade Bags! I love kate spade bags and today I want to explain the main reasons why I love them so much and hopefully give you a little inspo if you are thinking about making a purchase!! OK! Let’s go!

Kate Spade bags are great quality & look cute

Fact: Kate Spade bags are super cute!!! They know how to make a plain bag and add adorable tweaks and details to make it super cute, and they also know how to make full-on statement bags too. From pretty prints, to novelty shapes and even detachable flaps and straps, Kate Spade bags are SO flippin’ cute. If you want to wear a super plain outfit, like jeans and a teeshirt with a blazer, a cute kate spade will make it POP! Alternatively, if you want to throw on a print heavy dress with a tutu and flower crown for a festival, a Kate Spade bag is the cherry on top! (see the best sellers here)

Kate spade bags are also super well made and great quality. Most of their bags are either coated canvas or treated leather. Both are super sturdy and if you are a mucky pup, you’ll find they wipe clean pretty well too! The quality and craftsmanship behind each bag is amazing and they are truly brilliant quality.

Oh and theirs a kate spade bag for every budget too!

kate spade new york tote bag review

Kate Spade bags are super practical!

Kate Spade New York bags are a durable and practical handbag. They are the ideal, dependable every day bag because functionality is at the heart of the brand. Kate Spade was a New York City gal who knows the importance of having a dependable bag for long city days. From chic shoulder bags to pretty and functional backpacks, Kate Spade know how stylish women want to carry around ‘everything but the kitchen sink.

With such a wide selection, Kate Spade handbags are so well-liked because there is truly a bag for any purpose or situation. Plus their leathers are not only sturdy, but generally weather-safe, so they won’t ruin your fave headphones by getting soaking wet, nor do they need to be overly cared for and protected as you rush around the busy (and let’s be honest, dirty) city streets.

They embody ‘Cool girl’ style

The lively, welcoming atmosphere of Kate Spade’s brand is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. Kate Spade handbags stand out from the competition with their distinctive designs because they are fun, filled with vibrant colours, patterns and cool-girl energy. Their prints are fun, the embellishments are cute and their references are always adorable. It’s the ultimate lady like cool girl brand! It’s up there with brands like Olivia Burton, Cambridge Satchel Company, Ray ban and Dr Martens. Fashion with a twist!

They are laptop friendly!

Whilst some people are lucky enough to have a work computer that never leaves their desk, some of us know the perils or commuting with a laptop. They are big, heavy and they make shopping for handbags a nightmare! A LOT of Kate spade bags are perfect for laptops and some even have a padded section to keep them extra secure. Making them the perfect handbag for any lady who has to travel to work with a laptop or take a laptop around the city for meetings. The knott bag is amazing for the office and comes in loads of sizes.

kate spade knott bag review

They transcend seasons and their bags last for years!!!

The thing about Kate Spade bags is they are super fashionable, but they aren’t ever the height of fashion. They do their own thing and they have a loyal following who love the brand and the designs, rather than a customer to who likes to jump on trends and move from brand to brand as the season dictates.

Because of this, their handbag designs tend to transcend trends and fads, and instead can be re-worn and re-styled for years and years, without looking dated. I still have a tote I got when I lived in london around 7 years ago and it still looks cool and relevant today! But bags like the saddle bag will never die because it’s so timeless.

Plus, I touched on this before, but not only do Kate Spade bags transcend trends, but their bags are so well made that they literally last for years! The aforementioned bag from 7 years ago not only is still a great design, but the bag is in great condition with no structural signs of wear and tear. And another plus point, if you ever decide to sell a Kate Spade bag, they tend to sell well on the preloved market to collectors! While  kate spade bags don’t generally increase in value, they still fetch a good preloved price.

Kate Spade Bags: Pros and Cons

Pros: Affordable, well made, hold their value well, cute designs, great variety, great sales, variety of price points

Cons: Statement bags are less easy to wear every day

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my FIVE Reasons Why Fashion Girls LOVE Kate Spade Bags post. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, let me know! This post contains press samples.

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