TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW!

TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW! fornasetti candle

TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW!

Hello friends!! Today I want to share twenty five of my favourite podcasts with you!!! All binge-worthy and ready for your ears… are you ready? There’s a LOT to get through! Let’s go!

The Alarmist 

A history – comedy podcast where they figure out who’s to blame for a tragedy. From the sinking of the Titanic to Bridge disasters, it’s really good and insightful. I especially like the aftermath episodes.

Celebrity book club with Steven & Lily 

Best friends discussing celebrity memoirs. I literally LOL with them, they are a hoot. The Peggy Guggenheim episode is a good place to start IMO.

Kesha & The Creepies 

Who know, the popstar Kesha has a killer podcast. Bring on season two!

The Dream 

If you haven’t already listened to this one, you need to! It’s a deep dive into the history of MLM’s and it’s fascinating!

Root of Evil 

One of the best true crime podcasts ever made. The motif is *chefs kiss!*

TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW! vintage deer figurine

Celebrity book club with Chelsea Devantez 

Yep! Another celebrity memoir podcast, a slightly more serious look at celebrity memoirs and less about the tea, but I LOVE this podcast. Check out the Gabrielle Union or Patti Lapone episode first.

Mystery Show 

Such an old podcast but I love it so much. Occasionally I relisten to the episodes because it’s such a good show. It’s just six episodes but each one is magic!

Real Life Ghost Stories

Yes, I scare myself silly with this one, but I love it. It’s exactly what it say on the tin. Real life ghost stories from listeners and it’s GREAT! I need to stop listening before I go to bed though!


Another podcast about ghosts. What can I say, I can’t get enough.


And if you haven’t had enough of ghosts, then try Uncanny. It’s so good!

Life After MLM

If you are fascinated by the world of MLM’s then you need to listen to this one. After you have binged The Dream though….

TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW!

Endless Thread 

Stories from Reddit. Try the Rock Astley / Rick roll episode first.


Two besties discussing true crime. I’ve been loving the new Freaky Friday episodes, give them a go!

The Bechdel Cast

Discussing films through a feminist lens. I promise it’s more fun than you think! And I’ve discovered some great films via this podcast!

Every Outfit 

A fashion / Sex and the city podcast I always look forward to!

Forensic Files II

Bitesize true crime. And I love the super cheesy American narration.

Song Exploder 

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and I love it. If you like music and hearing how it all comes together, then give this one a go! The Cat Stevens episode was especially brilliant. PS. I personally think the podcast is better than the   TV show, but that’s just my opinion.

This Is Actually Happening 

This one can be intense!!

TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW! fornasetti face flora candle

Family Secrets 

Another intense one!!

Decoder Ring 

A really well produced podcast, listen out for The Sign Painter episode!

Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

If the whole #freebritney ‘thing’ made no sense to you, then listen. Your jaw will drop.


An old favourite of mine. Barbara is a great episode, as is Gregor.

They Walk Among Us

True crimes from the UK. Lordy, I had no idea we had so many weirdos on our small island!

S Town 

Often forgotten, but so good!

Switched On Pop 

For the music lovers. I especially liked the Mark Ronson episode.

Thank you for reading my TWENTY-FIVE Podcasts to subscribe to RIGHT NOW! post. I hope it’s of help and interest to you and if you have any podcasts you want to recommend, please let me know! I’m always looking for new podcasts!!

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