The Liz Earle Skincare Deal You NEED To See! Best Sellers & 50% discount! Ad

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The Liz Earle Skincare Deal You NEED To See

Hello friends! Today I want to share an incredible Liz Earle skincare deal with you all! As you might know, I’m a huge fan of Liz Earle skincare and I honestly think this is such a mega deal, it had to be shared! Hold onto your boots ladies, this is a great one! Let’s go!

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

What’s in the Liz Earle Daily Routine deal?!

This deal includes eight Liz Earle products and a cute beauty bag to pop it all in! The items are worth at least £118 if bought individually, but as part of this set they are £49.50 with free shipping. The items are: 

• Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser (100ml)

• Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit (200ml)

• Skin Repair Face Cream – Choose your fave! (50ml)

• Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic (200ml)

• Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic (50ml)

• Skin Repair™ Light Cream (15ml) 

• Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Cleanser (50ml)

• Orange Flower Botanical Hand & Body Cleansing Bar (100g)

• Beauty Bag

All these products are worth around £118 if bought individually, but as part of the set they are just £49.50. Which is incredible for the number of products PLUS if you were to buy the iconic Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit on it’s own that one product would cost £30 and the Instant Boost Tonic would be £16.50 alone and the moisturisers do vary, but the Skin Repair Rich Cream one I have is worth £25 alone. So the value is incredible!!! 

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

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Let’s Chat About The Products Shall We?! 

OK! So it’s important to mention here, there are five different versions of this skincare set, depending on which moisturiser you choose. I have the Skin Repair Rich Cream Moisturiser as I have mega dry skin, but please note that this item is customisable to your skin type. 

Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser

There is two tubes of Liz Earle’s iconic Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser in each set. And yes, we do need two tubes because this is a product we all know, love and come back to time and time again! It’s the perfect cleanser for every skin! One tube is the starter set which is 200ml and comes with two Liz Earle cloths, the other is a 100ml tube which is perfect for travel, a gift or just a back up for when the other tube runs out! Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is a rich cream cleanser which removes make-up, SPF, dirt and grot by gently lifting it off your skin. So you aren’t left feeling stripped. The cloth polishes your skin free from dead skin cells giving you a mini exfoliation ever day and it’s just the best product EVER! I think it’s won over 100 beauty awards at this point and it’s still going strong! 

liz earle instant boost skin tonic discount code

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic 

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic is BACK to it’s original formula and a packaging change, meaning it’s even better for the planet! It’s an alcohol free toner which gives a boost of hydration, soothes and brightens your skin ready for moisturiser and any make-up you want to wear. It’s wonderful in the summer as a refresher too! This set contains two bottles Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic, one 200ml bottle and one travel 50ml bottle. Again, save it for your suitcase or give to a friend to share the Liz Earle love, but either day, lucky us!! 

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

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Skin Repair Face Cream – Choose your fave! 

Depending on your skin type, there are five different 50ml face creams to choose from with this set. I have the Rich Cream for dry skin, but there’s something for everyone, so choose between the following variations: 

  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Oily 
  • Mature (with neroli)
  • Sensitive (fragrance free)

Skin Repair™ Light Cream (travel size)

This is just a 15ml travel size version of the Skin Repair™ Light Cream. Personally, I find this too lightweight for every day, as I have really dry skin, but it’s perfect for summer days or sharing with a friend who is keen to try Liz Earle for themselves! 

Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Cleanser (travel size)

I LOVE this stuff!!! It’s wonderful for removing make up, cleansing the eye area and making you feel clean and refreshed. It’s perfect for early mornings when your eyes feel super tired and heavy, or late at night when you want to refresh them after wearing way too much mascara and you feel kinda gross and grubby. It’s such a wonderful refreshing product, but don’t believe me, you can try it for yourself if you buy this set! 

Orange Flower Botanical Hand & Body Cleansing Bar

Finally, this is my first time trying Liz Earle’s Orange Flower Botanical Hand & Body Cleansing Bar. It smells incredible and because it’s Liz Earle, it’s kind to skin and non-drying. A lot of people are switching to soap these days because they are so much more earth friendly and I have to admit, I’m a fan! The trick is, buy a luxury bar of soap, that way you have a really pleasant experience and it’s non-drying. 

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

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Did I mention free shipping?

That’s right!! Not only is this set a blinkin’ bargain, but it comes with free shipping, baby! 

Ethics & sustainability

There is SO much more information on the Liz Earle website about their incredible ethics and sustainability, but all their products are vegan and cruelty free (just an FYI, some brands create vegan products which are tested on animals, Liz Earle don’t do this and it’s important to make the distinction!). They also use a LOT of recycled materials in their packing and have plans to use even more in the future – their best selling Cleanse & Polish is already made using 100% recycled materials. Finally, their ingredients are farmed ethically using sustainable farming methods which benefit the communities who work with them. Please do have a look at their website for more information, as it’s really incredible what they are doing and they are pushing forward to do so much more! I honestly can barely scrape the surface of their good work in this paragraph! 

Watch the Video!

How long will this set last you?

This set will last a really great amount of time and is pretty much your entire skincare routine – excluding SPF and eye cream. I would say this is a good 4-6 months supply of Liz Earle loveliness, including the travel minis. But it could last even longer if you are sparing with it – which I am not! I love it so much so I use lashings of the stuff! 

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

liz earle beauty bundle deal cleanse and polish discount code

Why I love liz Earle skincare!

This paragraph could be a blog post of it’s own, but I’m going to try and give you the quick version!I have always loved Liz Earle for their beautifully luxe products and fair prices, I mean, who doesn’t adore their iconic Cleanse & Polish followed up with a but of SuperSkin? It was when I was pregnant though that I became a RIDE or DIE Liz Earle fan! My skin was all over the place and the only thing that helped me was Liz Earle. It calmed, soothed, hydrated and kept everything from breakouts, to dryness, to irritation at bay. 

My postpartum skin was even worse (and still is!) and again, Liz Earle SAVED me! The Probiotic range was a Godsend, I ADORE the CICA Restore Skin Paste, Cleanse & Glow the body products soothed me and made me happy and the Eyebright soothing eye cleanser helped me SO much the morning after long night feeds. I honestly love their products so much and I truly enjoy using them every morning and evening. 

Finally, I love everything that Liz Earle do in terms of their ethics and sustainability policies. They are a wonderful example of how you can make beautiful, luxury products which don’t cost the earth. They are a brand I want to support with my cash and my voice. And even if you don’t care about ethics and the planet then let me end on this… all my favourite alternatives to Liz Earle products cost MORE money than Liz Earle!! I think it’s a really affordable brand, especially when you take advantage of deals like this! 

SHOP THE LIZ EARLE DEAL HERE! Worth £118! Get it for £49.50!

Thank you for reading my The Liz Earle Skincare Deal You NEED To See post. I really hope this set is of interest to you! If you have any questions, please do let me know. This post contains affiliate links, press samples and was sponsored by Liz Earle.

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