Introducing: Coach X Tom Wesselmann limited edition collection! Plus save 10% on Coach!

Coach X Tom Wesselmann limited edition collection! Plus save 10% on Coach!Coach X Tom Wesselmann limited edition collection

Hello friends! Today I want to share some information about the amazing Coach X Tom Wesselmann collection. It’s incredible and iconic and I’m so excited to show you! Ladies, hide your credit cards (or don’t!) because this collab is one for the ages! Coach are one of my favourite brands ever and this range is honestly incredible! Let’s go!

Coach X Tom Wassermann: My faves

The Coach X Tom Wesselmann collection features handbags, clothes, jewellery and even a blanket. It’s so good! Featuring lots of super cool mouth motifs, as well as pop art depictions of toasters, ladies faces and so much more.

Who is Tom Wesselmann?

Tom Wesselmann was an artist who rose to fame in the 1960s. He was a pop artist know for his unique twists on classical subjects like the form and landscapes and making them colourful and poppy. He also explored advertising motifs and everyday subjects. Have a google of his work, it’s very cool! 

Coach X Tom Wesselmann review

Before we get started, I just want to mention, I don’t personally love post humorous releases, as a rule. However, that being said, I flippin’ love this Tom Wesselmann collaboration so much! Like it’s incredible!

For me the stand out pieces from the collection are the lip motif Pieces. I absolutely love the signature monogram canvas pieces with the lips, they feel so classic and iconic, they truly are *chefs kiss*! Personally I would say the small crossbody bag or the Rogue bag is the best. Depending on your budget… the backpack is almost incredible!

Best Coach Bags

The best Coach bags are: 

  • The Coach Tabby Bag – Sadly not part of this collaboration, but it’s a fantastic bag which is one of the best sellers from the brands. It’s great as a shoulder or cross body bag and comes in oodles of fantastic and patchwork colours. It’s very cool 
  • The Coach Pillow Tabby Bag – Exactly like the Tabby bag, but cushiony, soft and pillowy! It’s lovely!!! 
  • The Coach Rogue Bag – My personal favourite bag EVER! I have three of these and I LOVE them! The Tom Wasselmann Rogue bag is very cool with the lips motif! Iconic!! 
  • The Coach Swinger bag – A totally 90’s / early 2000’s bag which is also really affordable! There’s a Tom Tom Wesselmann edition of the swinger and it’s very cool! 
  • The Coach Backpack – Again, another bag I LOVE! This is the next on my wishlist! 
  • The Coach Shay bag – A perfect every day bag which is stunning quality and really easy to style and wear! 

Save 10% on Coach!

If you love Coach and you want to save 10% off your next purchase, then just sign up to the mailing list and you’ll get a discount code! It’s well worth doing and they don’t spam you with loads of dumb emails. I actually love getting their customer mails! Plus 10% is a win! Especially for styles (like these!) which are unlikely to go in the sale!

Go Shopping!

This thank you for reading my Coach X Tom Wesselmann limited edition collection post! Plus save 10% on Coach! I hope this post is of interest to you! Also this post contains affiliate links.