Zatchel Bags: The Best Sellers! + 15% discount code!!

Zatchel Bags The Best Sellers

  Zatchel Bags: The Best Sellers!

Hello friends! Today I wanted to do a blog post about Zatchels Bag and which are the best sellers. I have been a fan of Zatchels Bags for years now. I love their luxe leather bags which are always made in the UK using traditional methods… plus their prices are incredible! So if you are thinking of investing in one, this post will hopefully give you a bit of inspo on where to start and which styles might work best for you! Let’s go!

Zatchels Midi Satchel Review

Where it all began! The iconic satchel bag is a school childrens’ fave and a best seller from the brand. Personally I love the classic colours of oxblood, tan and black, but I also adore the blush pink, I just think it’s so pretty and looks cute with everything from jeans and a sweet sweatshirt to a cute vintage floral dress in the summer. It’s so pretty and the shade of pink is *chefs kiss!*

Zatchels Micro Satchel Review

The Zatchels micro satchel is undoubtedly one of the cutest bags they do, however, I do always think of it as a ‘younger’ bag. It’s more of a starter bag or a young ladies bag. But that’s just my opinion, so feel free to prove me wrong or ignore me! It measures just 18cm wide, making it cute as a button and it’s even sweeter if you choose it in sweet colour like yellow, red, blush pink or powder blue. Very cute, especially when worn as a cross body bag. Also at £75 it has a neat little price tag!!

Zatchels 15% discount code

I have a special Zatchels 15% discount code! Just CLICK HERE use the discount code LFL15 at checkout for 15% off anything (yes! Anything!!) at Zatchels!

Zatchel Bags The Best Sellers

Zatchel Bags The Best Sellers

Zatchels Saddle Bag Review

One of my personal favourite styles of Zatchels bags and next on my wish list!! The Saddle bag is a CLASSIC! It’s a really easy-to-wear bag which looks perfect with everything from a waxed jacket in the woods, to a pub lunch in the summer or even to a festival. It’s spacious, stylish and can be worn as a cross body bag or shoulder bag making it generally just a really easy-to-wear and easy-to-style bag. The black is timeless and in this colour would make a great office / work bag, but if you are feeling playful, then I LOVE the green, yellow, red or orange! But let’s be honest, they are all really great! Also, because they are less labour intense to make than a satchel, they are cheaper! Most colour ways are around £50 right now, which I think is amazing!!

Zatchels Sugarcube Plus Bag Review

I love this Sugarcube bag because it reminds me of a cross between a vintage camera bag and a 1960’s mod girl handbag! It’s as cute as a button, especially for vintage lovers! The British Edit is SO cool. especially for the mods, the tan is lovely for the tweed wearers and the pink is adorable for me!! I love it worn as a top handle bag, but it can also be worn as a short or long shoulder bag or as a cross body bag. Either way, it’s a cutie! The prices vary of this bag, but right now, there are some colour ways for just £55, which for a british made leather bag is a bargain!!

Zatchels City Backpack Plus Review

I have the Zatchels City Backpack in the Kaleidoscope and I LOVE IT! It’s the most perfect colours and it’s so pretty with basically every outfit! It’s a full statement bag and it’s unlike everything else I own! I love it!!! I did a full review of it here, so you can see my full thoughts including the size, how to wear it etc. but if you are looking for a larger style bag, then I can’t recommend this one enough! It’s also great for mums and school children, as it’s a brilliant backpack. It can also be worn as a top handle bag or shoulder bag… whatever you fancy! It’s super versatile!

Thank you for reading my Zatchel Bags: The Best Sellers! post. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help. Also, this post contains affiliate links.

Zatchel Bags The Best Sellers

Zatchel Bags The Best Sellers