Olivia Rubin Launches Kids Collection… Hide My Wallet!

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Olivia Rubin Launches Kids Collection

Hello fellow mum-friends… we have a problem!! Olivia Rubin has launched a kids collection and it’s AMAZING! Like, seriously cool! I had to share some images with you because it’s really too cool to resist! As for the prices… pretty reasonable! I wonder if I could squeeze myself into an age 10-11 year rainbow cardigan?! Anyway! Here’s the pictures… I hope you love it all as much as I do!

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Olivia Rubin Kidswear Collection Prices

The collection starts at £50 for a pastel ombre rainbow teeshirt, the joggers and hoodie are £60 a piece and the dresses are mostly £95 each. The most expensive item in the collection is the rain pastel rainbow raincoat. But check out the website for the entire price list.

Pre-order NOW!

The Olivia Rubin Childrens collection is available for pre-order now for delivery in mid-june. Pre-ordering collections really helps small designers as it helps their cash flow and helps them forecast stock requirements. So if you are wanting a piece (or the whole collection!) it’s worth placing an order now!

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My Faves!

Oh lordy! This is a tough one! But I adore the candy stripe rainbow cardigan…I’m very tempted to order Mary one for when she’s older! I also love the rainbow smock dress! It’s SO cute! The pastel ombre tracksuit is SO cute and of course, the pastel ombre rainbow dress is wonderful too! What are your faves?

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Olivia Rubin Launches kids collection… Hide My Wallet! I hope this post is something you like! Thank you for reading and this post contains affiliate links.

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