Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review (+why everyone is obsessed with it!)

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review mini bagMarc Jacobs Tote Bag Review (+why everyone is obsessed with it!)

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review (+why everyone is obsessed with it!) This bag is just about to hit legend status and if you ask me, it’s going to become an It bag VERY soon! It comes in multiz`jple colours, finishes, fabrics and sizes. PLUS it serves the slice of Y2k fun we all need right now. Want to know more about this affordable luxury handbag? Let’s go!

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Sizes

Marc Jacobs Mini Tote Bag Dimensions: H: 21cm x W: 26cm x D: 13cm. Handle Drop: 11cm. Strap Drop: 69cm.

Marc Jacobs Small Tote Bag Dimensions: H: 42cm x W: 30cm x D: 14cm. Handle Drop: 12cm. Strap Drop: 69cm.

Marc Jacobs Large Tote Bag Dimensions: H: 34cm x W: 42cm x D: 16cm. Handle drop: 24cm

Marc Jacobs Backpack Dimensions: H: 37cm x W: 26cm x D: 14cm. Handle Drop: 3cm. Strap Drop: 41cm.

Can you buy the Marc Jacobs Tote bag on sale?

YES! You can buy the Marc Jacobs tote bag on sale!!! They have released oodles of seasonal colour ways and fabric options, so at the end of each season there’s usually a bargain to be found! Keep an eye on stockists like who have some on sale right now. If you are looking for a more ‘classic’ option, then you are less likely to find these on sale and instead you might want to wait for a discount code weekend or a new customer discount voucher.

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Is The Marc Jacobs Tote Crossbody?

Is The Marc Jacobs Tote Crossbody?

Yes, the Marc Jacobs tote bag can be worn cross body. It can also be worn as a tote bag or a long shoulder bag.

Can I wash the Marc Jacobs tote bag?

The canvas Marc Jacobs tote can be wiped clean with a damp clean cloth. The leather version can be cleaned with a little leather cream to lift off any stains. I would avoid putting it in the washing machine.

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What material is it made out of?

The classic Marc Jacobs tote bag is in canvas, however, there are leather and towelling versions too. There is also mini versions and extra large sizes too. The range has really expanded!

How much does the Marc Jacobs Tote bag cost?

The mini Marc Jacobs Tote bag will cost you around £180, the size up which is the small size will cost you around £200 and the large will cost you around £220. All these prices are for the canvas bags, however, the leather versions will cost you more, £385 for the mini and £460 for the small. To my knowledge, it doesn’t come in the larger size in the leather finish. However, the range is changing constantly and different sizes and finishes are constantly being introduced so do keep an eye out!

How to get 15% off your Marc Jacobs Tote bag!

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how to style it?

This tote bag is a real Chameleon! It can be worn in black or cream as a smart chic tote bag for work with a minimalist dress and coat. Or you can have some fun with it, and it can be dressed up and worn with lots of colours and logos for a real logo-mania look. With a vintage Versace bomber, jeans and a designer logo belt it becomes a super fun cool look.

or you can wear it with a cute floral vintage style dress for a simple and pretty look with a cute casual bag; a perfect day-to-day shopping outfit! This bag can be worn in some many colours and style, it’s really up to you how you want to wear it! You could even have it as a beach bag!

oh and if you do want to wear it for work, it’s an amazing laptop bag!

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Does Marc Jacobs tote bag have zip?

Yes, all there sizes of the Mac Jacobs tote bag can be fastened with a zip. Perfect if you are living in a big city and you are nervous about security. See the image below!

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Does Marc Jacobs tote bag have zip?

Marc Jacobs Tote bag review

OK! So the Marc Jacobs Tote bag review! I’m SO excited for this one!! Why? Because back in the 2000’s Marc Jacobs was my fashion obsession! I was such a fan! I remember going to New York and treating myself to two dresses – I felt like a QUEEN! I loved those dresses and I was so proud of them, I still have them in my wardrobe and they are adorable! I spent a fortune on his dresses and accessories and I got all the instant gratification joy from the point of sale cuteness like the mirrors in the store. Remember all those little treats which cost practically nothing and had the ‘marc by marc’ logo across them? I lapped them up! MJ was a true Y2k obsession for me!

Over the years, I still loved my dresses, but the shine seemed to fade a little from the brand for me. I’m not sure what it was, but stores seemed to close, the brand just took a bit of a dip and their prevalence seemed to fade. Over the past few years, they have had a real resurgence… their bags are back with force and the brand feels exciting once again. For me. this Marc Jacobs tote bag feels like they are truly back and truly exciting! I’m here for it! This is the Y2K nostalgia I want! Forget your hanky triangle tops and your bootcut jeans, I want Luella and Marc Jacobs!

Worth the money?!

The Marc Jacobs tote bag is adorable! It’s affordable luxury at it’s best and it’s  fun filled and practical. It neatly fits into the logo trend, the utilitarian trend, the y2K trend, minimalism and so much more. It can be worn as an easy cross body bag or as a tote bag and it looks great with jeans and a teeshirt or a white silk blouse and linen pants or with a vintage dress. You name it, it works!

don’t forget the discount code!

Personally, I’m all about the canvas version of the bag because I like a lightweight tote bag and it reminds me of the Chanel Deauville bag this way, plus the price is a treat for everyone! Don’t forget to use the discount code NEWBG for 15% off your first purchase and enjoy! It’s a day-in-day-out kinda bag and I’m here for it.. all summer long! What can I say, I LOVE these bags and I’m so excited for them! I just need to choose the best colour in the canvas finish! Eek!

There is also mini / nano versions of this bag now too, which are super fun, but the classic will be the one to stand the test of time, so I would say go for the classic size.

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Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Marc Jacobs tote review! I hope this post is of help and interest. If you have any questions, please do let me know and if you want to read about Kate Spade bags, click here!

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Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Review mini bag