Looking For An Affordable Alternative Wedding Dress? + Sister Jane Discount Code!

Looking For A Wedding Dress? + Sister Jane Discount Code!

Hello friends! Today I was thinking about summer wedding dresses and how much I hate most of them(!) no really, I’ve been engaged for around 8 years and the idea of going into a wedding dress shop and trying on loads of dreary and dowdy gowns fills me with dread. However, since we now have Mary, I am keen to seal the deal and get married, y’know, formally tie our bubble of four together. Side note: The four of us includes Gordon, I don’t have another child stashed away somewhere! So, Today I’m going to share some Sister Jane dresses, because they are possibly my favourite wedding dresses EVER and I think every alternate bride needs to consider them. Plus, in the world of wedding dresses which are CRAZY money, they are also pretty affordable… so without a further a do…Let’s chat alternative wedding dresses!

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Sister Jane Size Chart

sister jane size chart

I don’t normally publish size charts, but since Sister Jane have recently changed their sizing, I thought it was important to point out their new size charts. Back when Sister Jane first started, their size XL was a 14 – I know, how disappointing! However, their size XL is now a size 18 and all the other sizes have changed in line with this. So if you are above a size 14 and you think Sister Jane isn’t for you… think again! I’m hoping in the future we will see even more size inclusivity too!

Sister Jane Dress Review

Sister Jane quality is really beautiful. Their fabrics are luxe, their embellishments are plentiful and if the dress is designed to be full, oversized and voluminous, then they will give you LOTS of fabric to make sure the skirt is as full and the bow is as big as the model shot shows. When Sister Jane first launched, their prices were slightly lower and their finish wasn’t quite as luxe as it is now, but since they have up’ed their prices a touch, so has the quality, fabrics and finish increased. Sister Jane have stores and stockists, but they sell a LOT through their website too, so they give you a product which you won’t be disappointed in.

Also, big fans of the brand might remember their line ‘Dream Sister Jane’ which was a more luxe and fabulous arm to the original brand ‘Sister Jane’. The ‘Dream Sister Jane’ line seems to have disappeared these days and the ‘Sister Jane’ line is more like the ‘Dream Sister Jane’ range; luxe, fabulous and fancy.

SHOP Sister Jane dresses with 10% discount Code ‘NEWBIE10’

Sister Jane Discount Code

If you are new to the Sister Jane brand and you want to buy yourself a dress (or five!) then try the discount code NEWBIE10 for 10% off. Thank me later!!

Go Shopping!

SHOP Sister Jane dresses with 10% discount Code ‘NEWBIE10’

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