Let’s Chat About The Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag!

Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag

Let’s Chat About The Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag and do a quick review of it! I LOVE kate spade bags and I am especially fond of the knott tote and dome bag, and this is a bag which sits firmly in the middle. Small, cute and cross body like the dome, but with a little added something-something (and tie detailing) like the knott tote. Grab yourself a cup and tea and let’s get into it!!

“knott, but make it a crossbody. we did it in canvas for a springy feel, and added multiple pockets to organize all your essentials. it’s the bag that ties it all together.”

Knott Saddle Bag Details

  • Medium saddle bag with magnetic snap closure
  • Interior zip pocket
  • Exterior back slip pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap – approx 22″ long
  • Fits current the iPhone inside
  • Style code: k6546
  • Measures 7.25″ tall x 8″ wide x 2.75″ deep

Are Kate Spade bags real leather?

Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag Price

The Kate Spade Knott Saddle bag is priced at £275, which is a fair price for a small-to-mid sized saddle bag from a luxury brand like Kate Spade. However, if you are new to Kate Spade, it is worth remembering that you can get 10% off when you sign up to the mailing list AND if you keep your beady eye out, you might find that you can score one on sale. Right now, there is the Knott Saddle bag in a colour block version for £139 on sale, which let’s be honest, is a steal!!

Knott Saddle Bag Colour options

Each season the colour and print options vary, but right now, the Kate Spade Knott Saddle bag comes in cream, blush pink and black leather, as well as the navy blue canvas like I have and a really cool palm print canvas. There is also a colour blocked version on sale (the one we discussed above for £139) and a rose print leather too. So there’s some nice options for every style! I’m hoping in the winter there will be more, but for now, this is the full collection.

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Kate Spade Saddle Bag – Three Ways To Wear

The Kate Spade saddle bag can be worn as a short shoulder bag with the adjustable strap set to it’s shortest setting. Similarly, it can be worn as a longer shoulder bag on a longer setting and finally it can be worn as a cross body bag. Because of it’s generous margin, it works well no matter how tall or petite you are too. I’m 5ft 6″ and and I find it perfect in terms of it’s strap length and adjustable sizes.

How To Style The Kate Spade Saddle Bag

The Kate Spade Saddle bag can be worn in a number of ways, depending on what colour and finish you choose. Personally, I think the cream and blush pink are SO cute if you are planning a wedding guest outfit. It also looks really cute with a pretty vintage style floral dress. The black one is cute for lunch with friends or for the office, if you only need a small style bag. As for the canvas versions, I think these are the best for every day and worn with casual outfits like floral midi dresses or jeans and a simple top.

My style is a lot more casual now that I have Mary, which is why I love the canvas bag, I can wear it everywhere from cafes to baby groups, the supermarket to pub lunches. Which is basically the sum total of all the places I go these days!! As for the palm print bag, I LOVE this one and if I had a wardrobe full of white summer dresses, I would deffo go for this one, but I’m not sure I have the wardrobe to justify it, I have too many prints for this one!

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Is Kate Spade Good Quality?

Yes, Kate Spade bags are always good quality. They really deliver on leather quality, stitching, beautiful linings and general attention to detail and design. The coated canvas bags are really hardwearing, look great and are super easy to clean and maintain, whilst the leather bags are the perfect blend of being high quality leather, tactile and also durable. They are not handbags you have to baby, nor are they made from leather which feel so heavily treated they are almost like plastic.

Are Kate Spade bags real leather?

Yes, the Kate Spade leather bags are real leather and they tend to be a grainy calfskin leather. This is a durable, hardwearing leather which  looks luxe, feels lovely and lasts well for a girl who wears her Kate Spade bag day-after-day!

How To Get A Discount On Kate Spade Bags

How To Get A Discount On Kate Spade Bags

  • Sign up to the newsletter for 10% off
  • Wait for a seasonal sale
  • Visit the Kate Spade outlet store at Bicester Village
  • Shop Kate Spade at therealreal.com and use the code REAL for 20% off
  • Shop Kate Spade duty free at the airport for 20% off

Is Kate Spade considered a designer brand?

Yes, Kate Spade is a designer brand and Kate Spade bags are designer bags. They are not top tier like Chanel, LV or Hermes, but they are on a par with brands like Moschino, Coach, MCM and the likes. Kate Spade is a brand for the cool girls, the vintage lovers and the colourful ladies.

kate spade bag review

Which is the best Kate Spade bag?

Ohhh this is a tricky one! For me, I would have to say I use my Kate Spade tote bags a LOT! I LOVE the the big size, how durable they are and how lightweight they are. However, if you are looking for something smaller and cuter, then the Dome bag is great, or the Knott saddle bag. Finally, if you are looking for an occasion bag, then you can’t beat a Kate Spade novelty bag!!! They have the cutest shapes and they are such a fun conversation piece.

Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag Review

I thought I should finish this post with a little Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag Review overview! This bag is small, cute and well priced. I love the sweet saddle shape, it’s a little smaller than a lot of other saddle bags making it a little cuter and more feminine. It also makes it suitable for more dressy occasions like a wedding, which is amazing! The leather is beautiful quality, the lining is luxe champagne coloured and the clasp is a magnet which makes it really easy for a gal-on-the-go. I don’t know about you, but fiddly buckles on bags are not my friend!

If you can score a Knott saddle bag on sale in the future… don’t hesitate, but similarly, it’s 100% worth the price it’s listed at! Also, if you are new to kate spade, then sign up to the mailing list for 10% off and it’s a winner!!

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Let’s Chat About The Kate Spade Knott Saddle Bag! I hope this kate spade bag review was of help and interest to you! If you have any questions, please do let me know!  This post contains affiliate links and press samples.