Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review – Limited edition & special offer!!!

Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review

Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne 

Hello friends! Today I want to do a review of the brand new Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne. This fragrance is limited edition and part of the 2022 Wild Swimming collection. This fragrance is in a limited edition bottle and only available as a 30ml bottle, so if you want it, buy it fast and please be aware it’s only available in this one size. 

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“The crystal waters of a hidden cove, lined with smooth pebbles and trimmed with dainty campion flowers. The freshness of rose ripples with a note of dewy violets and a hint of juicy blackcurrant.”

Jo malone – wild swimming – limited edition collection

Every spring Jo Malone London release a Limited Edition Brit collection which is made up of a small collection of 30ml fragrances which are themed around Britain’s nuances. Think London rain, canals, allotments and the likes. This years Brit Collection is themed around Wild Swimming. Think lidos, Christmas Day sea swims, Hampstead Heath swimmers and magical moments.

Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review perfume limited edition 2022

Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Notes

Blackcurrant, campion flower, rose, violets, ISO E

Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review

Of all the Wild Swimming colognes, it was Crystal Campion which appealed to me the most, mainly because I love rose, violets and blackcurrants and since my favourite jo Malone perfume ever is Red Roses, I wanted to know how Crystal Campion compared. What can I say? It called my name! 

True to their reputation as one of the finest perfume houses in the world; Jo Malone Crystal Campion is beautiful! It’s a pretty and etherial blend of water, rose, violets, berries and musk. It feels floaty, velvety and elegant. I don’t think a fragrance has ever reminded me of a piece of art more, but when I smell this perfume, it reminds me of the Waterhouse painting, ‘Lady of Shalott’. If you don’t know the painting, give it a quick google, it’s feminine, etherial and otherworldly. exactly like this fragrance. 

Red Roses is still my number one Jo Malone London fragrance, but this is a dreamy fragrance which is perfect for summer days and romantic souls. It would make a perfect wedding day fragrance and I have a feeling a lot of women will be buying multiple bottles of this one.

If you want to make it a little longer lasting, I would recommend spritzing it in your hair and clothes and if you are looking to combine it with another fragrance, I would recommend Red Roses, Wood Sage & Sea Salt or Blackberry & Bay

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Jo Malone London: My Favourites!

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Buy two or more of these limited edition fragrances and get a limited edition drawstring bag to keep them in. It’s incredibly rare to get any kind of discount on Jo Malone, so this is a fun offer!

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Thank you for reading my Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review. I hope it was of help and interest of you! You might also want to read my Wild Swimming post, or my Jo Malone best candles, perfumes and fragrance combinations post. This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

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  Jo Malone ‘Crystal Campion’ Cologne Review