How do you break Doc Martens in fast?! Plus how to save money on your Docs!

How do you break Doc Martens in fast?!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a few tips on how to break in your beloved Dr Martens. I am a huge fan of dr martens and have been since I was about 15 years old when I got my first pair. I love them and they are truly the best shoes and boots… my only criticism is that they are super uncomfortable when you first start to wear them. However… once they are broken in they are a joy to wear! So here we have it… How do you break Doc Martens in fast?! I really hope it helps! Ok! Let’s go! These boots aren’t gonna get comfy sat in the box!

Little & often

First up! Don’t stretch yourself! Wear your new Dr Marten boots in short bursts to ease yourself in. Wear them around the house for an hour a day, or wear them for short errands like going to the supermarket. Don’t force yourself to wear them out for a long day, especially for their first outing, instead try little and often and within no time they will be like slippers. Heavy slippers, but slippers nonetheless.

Wear thick socks

Some people say wearing two pairs of socks will increase your chances of getting a blister, but I personally find it works a treat. Alternatively, just wear a thick pair of socks instead. Also, if you are particularly prone to blisters, then pop a few plasters on impact points like the back of your heels.

Polish your boots

Like all leather products, if you give them a Polish, the leather will soften up and become more supple making them more comfortable. There’s plenty of polishes on the market, but personally I’d recommend going for Dr Martens Wonder Balsam as it was specially formulated for their shoes and boots.

Avoid wearing them on hot, humid days

It’s true!! If you are trying to break in your new Dr Martens (or any shoes or boots for that matter) avoid wearing them on hot and humid days. When your feet are hot and sweaty, they are more likely to stick and rub and therefore cause blisters. Instead pick cooler days to break them in.

choose soft leather styles 

Dr martens have recently reintroduced their soft leather styles and they are perfect for those who want to skip the difficult ‘break in’ period. The soft leather shoes and boots are softer on the feet and ankles so not only are they comfortable to wear from the get-go, but they also fully break in faster. Plus they look lush! The only thing I would say, is you might want to polish them more often than you polish the harder leather shoes. 

Like your laundry, fold them up!

If you buy yourself the long boots, fold down the tops at different points so the tops of them down irritate your legs and ankles. Each time you wear them you can experiment with folding them at different points. Also, try wearing them over your jeans so you have a bit of protection too. Also, when you are watching tv at night, spend some time with you’re boots in your hands, just bending them back and forth and moving around the ankles and soles to help soften them up.

How to save money on Dr Martens

How to save money on Dr Martens

  • Wait for a seasonal sale
  • Sign up to their mailing list for 10% off
  • Keep an eye on stockist websites for their sales – like asos!
  • Buy them second hand! Someone else might not have bothered breaking them in or have changed their mind on colour / style, meaning you can swoop in and get a bargain!

How long do Doc Martens take to break in?

Personally, I would say about 2-4 weeks for the shoes and 3-6 weeks for the boots. I would also advise you to start breaking in the sandals in the spring before it gets hot and humid. Hot feet blister faster and if it’s a little cooler you can wear socks with them (perhaps around the house if you can’t face wearing socks and sandals in public) as that will break them in faster with less damage to your feet. 

Do Doc Martens hurt to break in?

No, Doc Martens don’t hurt to break in, if you do it carefully! Avoid wearing them for long stretches at first, and always have plasters ready. Also pad them up with thick socks and polish them to soften the leather. Personally, I wear them for short sharp bursts and first and work up to wearing them for longer periods. However, if you wear them to a festival or a long day out on the first wear, you will be in a world of pain! Also, read this Doc Martens review for more! 

Should I size up or down in Doc Martens?

Generally Doc Martens run true to size, however, they will feel a little more snug to begin with, so give them a little time to stretch out, rather than sizing up and finding they are too big later on. The best time to buy and break in Dr Martens is the Winter. as your feet are smaller in the winter and by the summer your boots will be nicely stretched out and colder feet tend to blister less easily.

Are dr martens worth the money? 

100% dr martens are worth the money!! They last for years – if not decades! They are practical and stylish and the ultimate ‘cool girl’ (or boy) shoes! Plus if you ever decide to sell them on, you can make great money on them! Some even sell for more than the original purchase price! 

Go Shopping!

Ta da! And there we have it! How do you break Doc Martens in fast?!! Plus how to save money on your Docs! I hope this post is of help and interest to you. Also this post contains affiliate links.