Five things I’ve been loving lately!

vintage floral painting

Five things I’ve been loving lately!

Hello friends! I thought I would stop by with a quick post about five things I’ve been loving lately! Think of this as a condensed version of my monthly faves… let’s go!

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Moving back into our house

We have finally moved back into our house and I am PUMPED up for it!!!! We still have a lot of workmen in and lots to do, but we are in and progressing!!!! I am so excited for our floors, lighting and generally starting to move furniture in. I need this!!!! 

First Wives Club

I’m soooooo late to the party with this one. Like 20 years late! But I watched it recently and absolutely loved it! Bette Midler was wonderful, Goldie Hawn a dream and Diane Keaton was fantastic! It’s a true all star cast and such a fun film!

vintage floral painting

Floral Oil Paintings

I keep buying these on eBay and I flippin’ love them!!! 

anthropologie fringe light lighting fringing  

Fringe Lights

I bought our first fringe light a few years ago and this week I treated us to another!!! I am obsessed!!!! I now have a pink & cream and a blue & green one and honestly, I could be tempted to buy more!!! I LOVE them!!! 

mary giggling

Mary Giggles 

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s so special when it does!! 

…And there we have it! I hope you like it!! Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon! This post contains affiliate links.