Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection

Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection
Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection

Hello friends! Today I want to tell you about the new Jo Malone London Brit collection. This collection is inspired by wild swimming; think bracing waves, hidden forests, cold beaches and city lidos. It’s an exciting and unique twist on aquatic fragrances!

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‘Wild swimming has a truly universal appeal, and, particularly in our current times, offers just about everyone an accessible experience of freedom in nature. That’s something we were all inspired by and tried to celebrate in this collection.’

-Céline Roux, Global Head of Fragrance

Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection

Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection: The Fragrances

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Crystal Campion

The crystal waters of a hidden cove, lined with smooth pebbles and trimmed with dainty campion flowers. The freshness of rose ripples with a note of dewy violets and a hint of juicy blackcurrant. Read more here!

Forest Moss

A ray of sunlight through the towering trees of the forest, leading the way to a secluded river. The green freshness of juniper entwined with the natural scents of earthy geranium and aromatic moss.

Salty Amber

An exhilarating swim at high tide. Sensual notes of amber and patchouli recall the opaque depths of the sea, contrasting with the impression of salty sea water and the energetic freshness of cardamom.

Aqua Lemon

Diving into the bright blue of the open-air pool for a morning swim, a citrus freshness in the air and city sounds in the distance. A refreshing burst of mandarin floats alongside an energising note of spearmint, gently warmed with cedarwood.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Finally, this collection sees a limited edition release of Wood Sage & Sea Salt. It’s the same woody, coastal, salty, aquatic fragrance we all know and love, but this time in a limited edition bottle. There is also a brand new and never seen before hyaluronic acid face mist from the brand to hydrate and refresh the face throughout the day. Again, it’s limited edition so if you want it, hurry up and buy it!

Watch my Forest Moss Video here!

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Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection

Limited Edition 

Just a reminder, the Wild Swimming collection is a limited edition. It often sells out pretty fast so if you want it, shop it soon! The bottles are limited edition designs and as a result only come as 30ml sizes, so if you are hoping to get any of these in 100ml bottles, it won’t happen! sorry!! 

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Wild Swimming – The Full Collection

  • Crystal Campion Cologne 30ml £56/€64
  • Crystal Campion Hydrating Face Mist 45ml £21/€31
  • Forest Moss Cologne 30ml £56/€64
  • Salty Amber Cologne 30ml £56/€64
  • Aqua Lemon Cologne 30ml £56/€64
  • Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 30ml £56/€64
  • Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 100ml £112/€128
  • Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle £52/€59

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Introducing Jo Malone ‘Wild Swimming’ Collection

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