Five cult-y podcasts you need to listen to!

vq radio lulu guinness kiss printFive cult-y podcasts you need to listen to!

Hello friends! I’m just stopping by with a post about some culty podcast recommendations. If you have worked your way through all the serial killer pods, then this could be the post for you! Let’s go!!

Root of Evil

A cult-y family. Trust me, you need to listen. Not a classic cult, but a family cult. 

The dream

A much loved podcast about the cult of MLM’s. It’s real.

Escaping NXIVM

From inside of NXIVM. A must listen.

You must remember Manson

If you love You must remember this. Then you will love this culty series

Escape from Jonestown

I listened to this on audible originals and it’s pretty harrowing. From one of the few survivors of Jonestown. It’s a hard listen but really good.

And there we have it! I hope you enjoy these culty faves!!

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