Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2022: A Sardinian Summer

Jo Malone 'Sea Daffodil' Cologne

Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2022

Hello friends!! Today I want to share a little information about the Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2022. As you might already know, every summer Jo Malone London release a small collection of limited edition fragrances inspired by blossom. This year, Jo Malone have taken a trip to Sardinia to take inspiration from the sun, sand and sea to capture the essence of golden hued blossom blooms. Want to know more about the collection? Let’s go!

‘A Sardinian Summer’ Inspiration

“Blossom season is upon us and with it brings a sense of optimism, hope and unadulterated joy. At Jo Malone London we revel in the carefree elation, taking the opportunity to celebrate the olfactive diversity the period brings. By now you know that we like to do things a little differently and this year we’re looking to sun-bathed southern Europe for inspiration. Carefree days by the Mediterranean Sea, where white-sun mornings give way to golden afternoons and balmy evenings, as the sun sinks slowly over the horizon above the placid wash of the waves. The result? Two new colognes representing summer: Sea Daffodil and Bitter Mandarin.”

Jo Malone 'Sea Daffodil' Cologne

Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Amber

Jo Malone ‘Bitter Mandarin’ cologne takes inspiration from a Mediterranean summer evening: a carefree buzz in the air. Citrus trees line Italian streets and ice-filled glasses clink with a bitter citrus spritz. Vibrant mandarin is deepened with the warmth of amber and a pinch of precious orris for an addictive zesty allure.

Jo Malone 'Sea Daffodil' Cologne

Notes: Yellow Mandarin, Sea Daffodil, Vanilla

Jo Malone ‘Sea Daffodil’ cologne takes inspiration from a chance discovery along the coast: rare and exquisite white sea daffodils in the salt-blown sands of southern Italy. This solar floral, luminous and radiant with ylang ylang, is rooted in the warmth of vanilla entwined with creamy sandalwood.

Notes: White Pepper, Silk Blossom, Moss

Jo Malone ‘Silk Blossom’ cologne takes inspiration from nature’s blooms at their most tempting. The joyful scent of silk tree blossom, irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. Apricot-fresh with a touch of spice. Intensified by clouds of powdery soft heliotrope, nestling on a bed of moss.

Ta da!! And there we have it! The Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2022: A Sardinian Summer range. I hope this post is of help! Also this post contains press samples and affiliate links.