Is Dr Martens a good brand? + are their boots good quality?

dr-martens-geraldo-brando-ankle-strap-sandalsIs Dr Martens a good brand?

Hello friends! Today I thought it’s time to chat about one of my favourite ever fashion brands – Dr Martens! I have been wearing these shoes and boots since I was 15 and I don’t think I’ve ever been without a pair! What can I say? I love them! Today I want to chat about is dr martens a good brand and if their boots are worth investing in! I’m going to chat about quality, craftsmanship, comfort and soooo much more! Let’s go!

Where can you wear Dr Martens? 

Dr Martens have been my go-to shoe for years and I’ve personally worn them everywhere from London fashion week, to holidays in New York, festivals, walks on the beach, dog walks in the woods, shopping on Bond Street and everywhere in between. I honestly think there’s nowhere that you can’t wear a pair of DM’s. They are known for being cool, well made and comfortable. If you don’t like Docs… I don’t like you!! 

Are dr martens good boots?

Yes!!!! Dr Martens are great boots! They are iconic, forever cool and incredibly long lasting! They are a legitimate fashion shoe and are loved everywhere from london fashion week, to festivals and gigs to the streets of london. They have cult status in the same way that Ray-ban sunglasses or converse trainers do. They never g o out of style!

Dr Martens shoes v boots

This is a tricky one. I honestly think the boots are cooler and more iconic… however… I personally have short legs and I think the shoes are more flattering for my chubby stubby legs than the boots. That being said, I love the boots!

The boots also tend to come in more colour ways and prints than the shoes, so it’s worth considering that too! Finally, I personally find the shoes faster to break in than the boots, but maybe that’s just me!! 

Are Dr Martens boots good quality?

Yes, Dr Martens are good quality, HOWEVER!!! Not all Docs are made equal! Some Dr Martens are far higher quality than others. If you are looking of a seriously amazing pair of Dr Martens, then look at the Made In England range which are a little more expensive but they are the highest quality and worth paying a little more for. This range are made in their Northampton factory and made to the highest standards. However, the rest of their ranges are also good quality. However, I would avoid the patent leather ones you see on Tottenham Court Road, they look so cheap that I’ve often wondered if they are knock-offs!! 

Go Shopping!!

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