February Faves! Let’s Chat!

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February Faves! Let’s Chat!

Hello friends!! Today I thought I would pop online to do a monthly faves post!! I can’t believe HOW FAST this month has flown by! It’s been a lot of Mary, lots house progression and lots of eating. Oh and we went on holiday to… NORFOLK! No joke! The county we live in! Anyway! Let’s chat!

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Norfolk Holiday

I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of our holiday cottage as it was absolutely beautiful, but you can see it here. We booked via Norfolk Hideaways because they have the cutest holiday cottages in the county. It was on the edge of the Sandringham estate and it was just wonderful! Lots of eating, walking and spending time with my parents and Mary.

Monica Vinader X Mother Of Pearl

Monica Vinader X Mother Of Pearl

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monica Vinader X Mother Of Pearl collaboration. I blogged about it already, but I seriously couldn’t resist giving it another mention!

FENTY Treats

FENTY Treats

Did you know Riri and I are best buds?! We hung out and chatted pregnancy stuff together and then she gave me some of her FENTY treats. Actually, that’s lies, the UK PR team sent me some treats and Riri has no idea who I am, but its fun to pretend! I LOVE the Matchstick highlighter, the cream blusher and the cleanser. I have the foundation on my wishlist to try next! Which are your faves?!

fashion for lunch blog home living room labelsforlunch vintage rococco sofa matalan cushions


This month we re-watched Cheer season 1 and watched Cheer season 2. Obvs season 1 is the best, but I loved it all regardless! It’s such a good series! My favourite is Lexi. Aside from Cheer, we have also been watching The Big Bang Theory, which is an old favourite of mine! I never saw the final series so it was lovely seeing how it ended. In fact, I loved it so much I decided to go back and watch season 1 as it’s been so long. What can I say… I love TBBT!

eBay Baby Clothes Bundles

I have been lucky enough to have been given oodles of baby clothes by my brother and sister-in-law (including this cute AF pumpkin baby grow) But I have also discovered buying bundles of baby clothes on eBay which is super fun. Mary has been growing out of her clothes SO fast and there’s SO much waste with a baby, it’s a great way to save some cash, recycle and save masses of time because you can basically buy her entire wardrobe with a few bundles. If you are keen, just search on eBay or on Facebook marketplace!

the puffin book of nursery rhymes

Vintage Baby Books

I can’t take credit for this, but Jon has been buying Mary lots of lovely vintage childrens books and it’s so cute. I can’t remember where he bought this one, but probably eBay or a used book store online. Isn’t it cute?!

New Slippers

I’m #TeamCosy til the end and I LOVE these chestnut sheepskin slippers from Bedroom Athletics! They are so warm and cosy and the best part is, I can wear them outdoors too! So if I want to nip out for a dog walk or to take the recycling out, I can! Although for now I’m trying to keep them for indoor use only!

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Old Man Mary

I know she looks like an old man here, but she’s so flippin’ cute and funny it kills me!!! I couldn’t resist sharing!

daisy london necklace estee lalonde

My Go-To Necklace

I haven’t been wearing much jewellery recently, but when I do, I always reach for my trust Daisy London Shield Necklace. It’s the perfect length, the shade of gold is perfect and it goes with everything. I love it!

Liz Earle Shower Gel

Liz Earle Shower Gel

I’m a huge fan of Liz Earle, their products are dreamy. I especially love the new Cleanse & Glow Cleanser, the Probiotic Night Cream and this stunning Liz Earle Vanilla & Clove Shower Gel. I might have to do a post soon on my favourite Liz Earle products, because there truly are some incredible products in the collection!

laura ashley vintage

Laura Ashley Vintage Dress

Whilst I was in North Norfolk, I popped into a charity shop and found this amazing Laura Ashley Vintage Dress! I had to have it!! I also bought a cute vintage dress for Mary when she’s a little older too (age 4 to be exact!) I LOVE vintage Laura Ashley, it’s so timeless. I’m forever stalking eBay to see what I can find!

Ta da! And there we have it! February Faves! I hope this post was of interest to you! Did you do anything nice this month? Let me know! Also this post contains affiliate links and some gifted items.