Review: Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ Cologne! Limited Edition Perfume!

Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ Cologne

Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ Cologne

Hello friends! Today I want to do a Jo Malone Rose Blush review. This is the new limited edition fragrance from Jo Malone London and avid followers of the brand might remember it from last summers Marmalade collection. This limited edition fragrance has been reimagined in a beautiful new bottle as part of the roses collection.

Jo Malone Rose Blush joins Red Roses, Velvet Rose & Oud and Rose & Magnolia in the roses collection. When it comes to roses, Jo Malone really know how to work the queen of the flowers and I’m so excited to share this one with you! Also, since it’s a new limited Edition fragrance, I don’t have a bottle yet, so forgive me for not having loads of photos and using the older style bottle in the video. 

If you want to make your perfume last longer, then simply mist some onto your hair and clothes. Also you can fragrance combine it with a heavier perfume or lock it in with a moisturiser. This helps keep the perfume on your skin longer. 

What does ‘Rose Blush’ Cologne smell like? 

‘The charm of blushing pink rose petals. Vibrant basil and a juicy note of lychee add a modern twist to this pretty floral scent, cocooned in the comforting embrace of white musk.’


Rose, basil, lychee, white musk

Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ review

Before we get started with the Jo Malone Rose Blush review, I just want to mention that my all time favourite Jo Malone perfume Is Red Roses and as pretty as Rose Blush is, I will never be unfaithful to Red Roses. That being said, I understand Red Roses isn’t for everyone and I think those who don’t adore Red Roses like I do, might actually love Rose Blush.

Rose Blush is a super pretty and feminine spring time fragrance. It beautifully combines soft, delicate rose petals, with a hint of fresh lychee, green peppery basil and a base of sensual white musk. Where as Red Roses is a fresh, rich and romantic with a nod to the vintage lovers. Rose Blush is a little more modern, sexy, sweet and a touch more youthful. It combines the elegance of the rose, with a slightly more fun, sweet and fruity twist of the lychee and sensual, warm white musk.

It’s exciting, feminine, modern, fresh, youthful, a touch sweet and perfect for women who like the roses with a little sweetness and fun. It reminds me of a cross between Red Roses, Peony & Blush Suede and something a little sweeter like Cardamom & Mimosa. It’s super fun, but also elegant and beautiful and I hope one day they will Permanently add it into the main collection… it truly deserves a place!

Go Shopping!

Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ is out now and available as a limited edition fragrance. I hope you like this perfume as much as I do! This post contains previous press samples and affiliate links.

Jo Malone ‘Rose Blush’ Cologne