Introducing: The Mulberry Softie bag

mulberry softie bag review

The Mulberry Softie bag

Hello friends! Today I want to share a quick post and the Mulberry Softie bag – ok – that’s probably not true, it won’t be fast, I have a LOT to say about this bag! But regardless I want to have a chat about it because it’s a brilliant new bag and I’m really excited to get into it with you! The Mulberry Softie bag follows in the footsteps of other cushioned pillow bags we have seen recently, like the Coach Pillow Tabby Bag and the Maison Margiela Glam Slam bag. I’m totally here for this cushion, padded, pillow bag trend and I’m loving the Mulberry take on the style! Let’s go! 


Filled with a thick, feathery down that re-inflates when squeezed, the Softie collection was created to be touched.

Referencing some of Mulberry’s most recognisable and loved codes, the Softie incorporates signature design touchpoints including the iconic Postman’s Lock and Paper Clip Chain. The bag’s statement quilting design directly replicates the beloved braid pattern on the cult Mulberry Alexa bag handle, marking this new collection as a playful celebration of Mulberry’s heritage.

In line with Mulberry’s Made to Last manifesto, the Softie is made with environmentally accredited Nappa Leather and responsibly sourced Down-standard feathers. Filled with thick, feathery down and crafted from tactile fabrics, the Softie collection was created to be touched.

Mulberry Softie Bag Review 

The Mulberry Softie Bag – Details

  • Top handle with leaf shape detail
  • Postman’s lock closure
  • Paper clip chain
  • Brass finish hardware
  • Quilted nappa leather
  • Recycled nylon lining
  • Internal slip pocket
  • Filled with RDS feathers and down

Classic Softie Size – Price, Colours & Measurements

Priced at £1,650

Colours available – Black, Red-Orange, Cornflower blue, Brown & Cream 

Height 23cm – Width 27cm – Depth 7cm – Strap length 54cm

Little Softie Size – Price, Colours & Measurements

Priced at £1,250

Colours available – Black, Red-Orange, Green, Cornflower blue, Brown & Cream 

Height 17cm – Width 23cm – Depth 4cm – Strap Drop 57cm – Strap Length 110cm

Big Softie Tote Size – Price, Colours & Measurements

Priced at £1,350
Colours available – Black, Red-Orange, Green, Cornflower blue, Brown & Cream
Height 49cm – Width 30cm – Depth 7cm – Handle Drop 12cm – Shoulder strap drop 52cm 
Mulberry Softie Bag Review 

Mulberry Softie Bag Review 

OK! Let’s get down to business with a Mulberry Softie bag review! This bag is brand new for 2022 and reminds me of a cross between the Mulberry Lily bag and the Chanel Coco Cocoon bag. These padded handbags are having a real fashion moment and I have to be honest… I’m here for it! I think as we come out of the pandemic and out of isolation we are all looking for high fashion pieces which feel a little more ‘cosy’. Y’know!? We want lower heels, luxe joggers, soft jersey shirt-jackets and cosy leggings, oversized coats and all topped off with a pair of cool sunglasses and handbag. In short, we all want to feel cosy and look sharp. The cushioned bags are perfect for this! They are cosy, soft, tactile and high fashion. Perfect! 
The Mulberry Softie bag is a high fashion bag. It’s the kind of bag you could take to fashion week and get compliments on or flaunt all over your instagram feed. It’s hot. Will it have longevity?! I highly doubt it. I think it will be cool for a fair few seasons, then it might go into a drawer for a few years and then brought back out once in a while to be restyled in a new context. For the handbag collectors and fashion enthusiasts out there, it’s very cool high fashion bag, but for those who want long term fashion investments to wear day-in-day-out, it’s maybe not for you. It’s no Bayswater or alexa bag, y’know? 
Personally, I’d really like to see the Mulberry Softie bag expanded upon, I want to see more colours, more finishes like metallic leathers or patches and I’d also love to see this bag with clashing colours on each side. For example pink on one side of the tote, red on the other. It’s such a fun bag, but I think it could be made even more fun in the future. Similarly, I would love to see see giant versions of the tote and classic softie, like huge. Monster size. That would be fab! I really love the way Mulberry are having more fun in recent years and the Softie is definitely an example of it. 
I can’t wait to see people wearing the Mulberry Softie this year, I think it’s a really fun bag and I’m excited to see how everyone styles it. I am hoping we will see some cool fashion boys wearing the tote bag and I can’t wait to see sleek women wearing the black classic softie too. It’s a really beautiful, luxe, playful high fashion bag. It’s maybe not the safest fashion investment, but it is a stand out piece and it’s really cool! 
In terms of colours, I’m so torn! I think the black and cream are super luxe and high fashion, but I love the playfulness of the colours, especially the pale blue or the coral red. However, the Mulberry Softie that I REALLY want to add to my shopping list is the tote bag! I LOVE this bag! It’s so charming and looks like it would be really easy and comfortable to wear and I think it has a little more longevity in terms of trend too. I would personally go for it in classic black. What about you?! 


Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Mulberry softie bag review. I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any questions and this post contains affiliate links.