January Favourites! Let’s Go!

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January Favourites

Hello friends!! I’m a little late with this one, so please bare with me because there’s a new baby in town! Let’s chat January Faves!

This Works Baby Sleep range

I bloody love this stuff!!!! I am a huge fan of This Works products already, but now they have a baby range and I am in love!!!! Their gentle wash is wonderful, as is the massage oil and sleep spray! I can’t recommend it enough and the first night Mary EVER slept through the night we had bathed her in the wash. I’m not saying it’s connected but it could be! Just saying! Also I definitely felt like she slept better after we used the pillow mist on her too! Either way, it’s soothing for babies and super gentle and natural. It’s a big favourite in our household!

fashion for lunch labels for lunch baby smiling mary

Mary Started To Smile!

This month saw Mary starting to crack her first smiles and it’s been SO much fun!!! Babies have a tendency to make smile faces when they are super young, but it’s generally passed off as wind! Lol! But this month we have had real smiles which aren’t followed up with gas! She’s got a big beautiful smile and it’s so joyful and lovely to see!


Olivia Rubin Cardigan Dupe

This Cardigan!

I recently found this super cute cardigan and I couldn’t resist writing a little post about it… wanna know where it’s from?! Click here!


I wish I could tell you I had been watching something super cool and recently released, but instead I’ve been watching episodes of the Big Bang Theory, it brings me so much joy and I need to watch simple, lighthearted things right now rather than anything that’s going to make me feel anxious or scared. What can I say, my emotions are still all over the place!

L'occitane Refillable body butter

L’occitane Refillables

I have a lot of love for L’occitane products and I’m REALLY excited to see they are introducing more refillable products in to the collection. They have been selling refillable shower oils, hand washes and shower gels for a while now, but this is the first time I have seen their refillable body butter! It comes in a beautiful keepsake tin which can be refilled time and time again and the refillable canister can be recycled too. As for the product, it’s wonderful rich and nourishing and has been working wonders on my stretch marks!

Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives my vq radio


I have been listening to my tried-and-true podcasts this month; The Alarmist, A Beautiful Mess, Generation Why, Every Outfit and the usual, however, I have introduced one new podcast which I have been loving. It’s called Uncanny and it’s basically a podcast of ghost stories which is right up my street. I LOVE Ghost stories!

Acqua di Parma 'Lily Of The Valley'  review

Acqua di Parma ‘Lily Of The Valley’

I’m a HUGE fan of the Acqua di Parma brand and this month I have been loving the new Spring fragrance; Lily Of The Valley. It’s a fresh and intense citrus-white floral fragrance which is wonderfully bright, sunshine filled and fabulous. It reminds me a little of their fragrance Magnolia Nobile, which is also stunning and it’s got a very modern-classic feel to it. The dominant notes are Lily of the valley, Petit grain and bergamot and it is a wonderfully fresh, elegant and it would make a wonderful wedding day fragrance…. in case you are in the market!

Rainbow chevron blanket

A gift from my sweet friend Danielle! This is one of my fave blankets we have’ it’s so so so pretty!

Ta da! And there we have it, January Favourites! I hope it was of interest to you! If you have any questions, please let me know! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links.