Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection! 

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

Hello friends! I just wanted to drop by with a quick post about the new This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ collection. I was sent a big beautiful box for Mary to try and I am already in love with it and so happy to share it with you all! This collection is natural, baby friendly and beautifully scented with essential oils to soothe your baby… let’s chat!

Big Dreams

After years of helping us grown ups sleep, This Works have developed a collection of products which are suitable babies and infants. It’s paediatrics approved, completely vegan, at least 98% natural and proven to help little ones settle down and sleep for longer.

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

84% of parents said their children had a less disturbed sleep thanks to this pillow spray and contains lavender, vetivert, camomile and lemon balm. Also if your child is too young for a pillow, just mist it onto their sheets.

Baby Sleep Gentle Wash

This product is 98% natural and can be used on skin and hair to cleanse and calm your child in one. 89% of parents said this product helped their child have a more settled sleep.

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

Baby Sleep Body Lotion

This body lotion is 98% natural and contains shea butter and aloe Vera to sooth and hydrate your babies skin whilst the essential oils work their magic to help soothe your baby off to sleep.

Baby Sleep Massage Oil

This 100% natural oil nourishes your babies skin with vitamin e and sweet almond oil, whilst soothing your baby off to sleep. Perfect for those who love give their babies a massage.

Baby Sleep Bottom Balm

A 98% natural bottom balm to help soothe delicate, nappy rash prone skin. It’s dermatology approved and contains shea butter, vitamin e and soothing oat.

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection Review

I’m a long time fan of This Works products as they have helped me so much over the years. It’s a brand I truly can’t get enough of and recommend enough! Especially their Deep Sleep range. Which is why it makes me so happy that there is a range which is baby suitable! The range smells incredible, the textures are dreamy and whilst I can’t ask her what she thinks of it, it definitely feels like she’s been easier to settle since we have been using it and she’s been sleeping for longer stretches.

I love the fact it’s all at least 98% natural and contains such lovely ingredients, plus it gives me so much confidence that it’s dermatologist approved and paediatrician approved too. If you are tempted to buy some pieces for your little one, I really recommend it, especially the pillow spray (which I mist on her Moses basket sheets) and the baby wash, which leaves her super soothed and smelling so nice. Also, we loved the baby massage oil, which we used whilst following a YouTube tutorial! But honestly it’s all lovely, smells wonderful and made from nearly 100% natural ingredient. It’s well worth investing in and Mary sleeps so well after using it. Also, because she’s still so young, I tend to use one product at a time, rather than layering them up, but even solo they work super well to make her sleep for longer periods of time! What a win! 

Thank you for reading my post on the This Works Baby Sleep collection. Let me know if you have any questions and please note that this post contains press samples and affiliate links.

Introducing This Works ‘Baby Sleep’ Collection!

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