Hermes Blanket Dupe – Wool & Cashmere for less than £30!?

Hermes Blanket Dupe - Wool & Cashmere for less than £30!?

Hermes Blanket Dupe – Wool & Cashmere for less than £30!?

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Hermes blanket dupe with you all. I’m not usually a designer dupe kinda gal, but I have to be honest, I’m pretty impressed with this one! It’s made from wool and cashmere and it HEAVILY resembles the iconic Hermes H Blanket. Let’s be honest, not everyone has four-figures to spend on a throw – which is ironic as I’m sure some people would argue you are literally THROWING money away if you spent that much on a blanket. But anyway! I want to tell you about this Hermes blanket dupe because I think it’s pretty incredible… let’s go!

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Hermes Blanket Details

OK! So let’s start with the original and authentic Hermes blanket – it’s stunning quality. Super think and luxe and honestly, I’ve always fancied owning one, but the price is a sticking point for me. It’s literally more than I used to spend on my East London rent! Hell, it’s more than my first car cost!!! Every time I go into the Hermes store on Bond Street in London, I always look at the homewares and it’s always the Hermes H blanket I love to look at and swoon over when I go in. I know this blanket is crazy expensive, but it’s also incredibly beautiful and high quality and damnnn, I would love one!

How Much Does The Hermes Blanket Cost?

The Hermes H Blanket costs around £1,260 and it measures 135 x 170 cm and is made from 90% Merino wool and 10% cashmere. Each blanket is made in Scotland, where the worlds’ best woollens are produced.

Hermes Blanket Dupe Details

As for the Hermes H blanket dupe, this measures 140 x 170 cm, it is made from 80% Wool and 20% Cashmere. The country of manufacture is not stated, but I am pretty sure it won’t be hand made in Scotland. It comes in orange, black and brown. Whilst the Hermes Dupe is marginally bigger and contains a little more cashmere, the wool is not merino and I would guess it is a lesser quality cashmere too. That being said. It costs £30 compared to £1,260. So you decide!!

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Are Hermes blankets worth it?

If you have the money, then yes! It’s beautiful quality, an iconic design and it will keep you cosy on winter nights cuddled up on the sofa. It also makes for an incredible gift. It will also hold it’s value if you look after it and ever decide to resell it. That being said, it’s a BIG splurge on a blanket.

On the 16th June 2022, I saw Bonham’s had a luxury auction in which they sold a Hermes H Avalon blanket and it sold for £1,211, proof they really hold their value!

How to style the Hermes Blanket

The Hermes blanket can be a great addition to any home styling. You can ruffle it up and drape it over the arm and the back of a chair, or over a large ottoman with a book cup of tea. This is especially good if you are shooting your home for instagram or for an estate agent listing if you are thinking of selling. It’s also great as a bed throw or folded up over the arm of a chair.

Alternatively,  you can wear it as a cape, just find the longer edge and drape it over your shoulders, fold it across yourself at the front and belt it for a really chic autumnal look which will also be super cosy! Plus everyone will think you are wearing a Hermes cape and bow down to your fashion feet!

Finally, if you are a keen sewer, then you can always buy an H blanket to use recover an old footstool or old dog bed – imagine how fancy that would be! It would look super chic and give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life. You could use an leftover pieces to make cushions too!

Pros & cons

Pros: good quality, great price, stylish 

Cons: not authentic so can’t be resold

How do you wash a Hermes blanket?

The Hermes Blankets are dry clean only. I would advise you to only take it to the best dry cleaners and make them aware of the cost of the item when you take it in so they are extra careful with it. Some may refuse to launder it and if this is the case, thank them for their honesty and find a more specialist dry cleaners who deal in luxury items. For the Londoners reading this, the Belgravia dry cleaners is known for being excellent!

why do people like the Hermes blanket?

the Hermes H blanket is a sign of wealth of luxury. They are super cosy and perfect for cuddling up. A lot of people like to style them on a statement chair, where as others will use them to cosy up with. There is also a babies cot version which is very cute, a little more affordable and makes a beautiful keepsake gift for a newborn. They also retain their value very well, if you ever decide to resell it.

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And there we have it! The Hermes H Blanket Dupe! I hope this post is of interest to you! This post contains affiliate links. You might also like this post on Hermes scarf knots.

Hermes Blanket Dupe - Wool & Cashmere for less than £30!?