FIVE Podcasts For Those Who Love Halloween All Year Round!

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FIVE Podcasts For Those Who Love Halloween All Year Round!

Hello friends! Today I want to stop by with a quick blog post about one of my favourite podcast genres… ghosts, spooks and ghouls! I don’t know what it is, but I just love a good ghost story and these are all super fun! Wanna know more… let’s go!

Kesha & The Creepies

Yep! Brought to you by the pop star Kesha! This podcast chats ghosts, ufo’s and so much more! So fun and enlightening!


One of my faves! Recommended to me by one of my friends Alex and I love it whenever a new episode pops up in my feed! The story of the locked bathroom door is kinda life changing in a magical way!


The precursor to Uncanny! Once you have listened to every episode of uncanny, work your way through all the episodes of haunted.


American ghost stories. And a great podcast if you want to binge loads of ghost stories!

Real Life Ghost Stories

I avoided this podcast for ages as I thought it was going to be a comedy podcast – I’m not sure why and I was wrong. It’s a great podcast filled with oodles of spooky stories and I love love love the hosts beautiful Irish accent. It really adds to the atmosphere.

Ta da! And there we have it! Oodles if spooky stories from the world of podcasts! I hope you like! Let me know if you have any faves!

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