What’s in My Chanel Diaper Bag!? + How To Save Money On Chanel Bags!!

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What’s in My Chanel Diaper Bag!? + How To Save Money On Chanel Bags!!

Hello friends!! Today I want to show you What’s in My Chanel Diaper Bag! First of all, before we get started, I just want to mention that I know it sounds crazy to have a Chanel diaper bag, but quite frankly, the first time I was heading out with Mary, I couldn’t find a better shoulder bag which would fit everything inside, so I shoved in all her goodies and made it work! And you know what… it worked well!! I have considered buying a dedicated diaper bag, but they are expensive and it’s nice getting the use out of my vintage Chanel tote and I like the fact that Mary is travelling in style! OK! Let’s chat!!

What’s in My Chanel Diaper Bag!?

  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Travel changing mat
  • Nipple shield
  • Pre-pumped breast milk and ice pack in an insulated bag
  • Change of clothes
  • Snacks for me
  • Muslin cloth
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Extra blanket

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The Chanel Chain Tote Handbag At Auction blue metallic bag vintage

How To Save Money On A Chanel Bag!

I shared a full post about it here, but the best places to buy Chanel bags or buy at a discount is the following:

  • Buy 20% off via Duty Free shopping
  • Buy pre-loved at therealreal.com – use code REAL for 20% off
  • Buy via a specialist auction like Bonham’s – my personal favourite!
  • Buy your bag before April – the prices generally rise this month so it’s worth indulging in Feb / March before the prices go up!
  • Buy a preloved Chanel bag via Vestiaire Collective 
  • Shop in-store using a credit card which gives you Air Miles or gift vouchers

What’s price of my Chanel Diaper bag?

I got my Chanel diaper bag as a preloved handbag at auction and it was a really reasonable £1,000, which I was really pleased with!! I also have the Deauville bag which cost me around £1,100 a few years ago on the preloved market. Of course, these bags would cost more in store, but I would recommend buying a preloved Chanel diaper bag as it will save you money and you won’t feel as precious about it!

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Best Chanel bags to use as a Diaper bag

  • Chanel Deauville bag
  • Chanel GST Bag
  • Chanel Modern Chain Tote Bag
  • Chanel backpack
  • Chanel Boy Tote Bag

BEST Value Chanel Bags

Which Chanel bag is the best diaper bag?!

Whilst I personally use my vintage Chanel modern tote bag as a diaper bag, I actually think the best Chanel diaper bag is the Chanel Deauville bag. But first, let’s chat about the other options!

Whilst I love the modern tote bag for it’s durable leather and flashy blue metallic finish and easy access. It’s main drawback as a diaper bag is the fact that it’s quite heavy, which could be an issue if you have had a c-section and you need to be careful of how much weight you carry. However, that being said, it does fit in the base of my pram nicely and it’s easy to throw over my shoulder.

The Chanel backpack is brilliant as you can carry it on your back and spread the weight nicely across your body. If you have the iconic Chanel graffiti bag, I think this would make an incredible diaper bag – for the coolest of mums!!

The Chanel Boy bag tote is perfect if you are a mum who wears more formal clothing or you need your diaper bag for more formal events. Again, it sits nicely over the shoulder and the leather sections on the strap make it easier to carry. The Chanel GST bag is also great for formal mums and perfect if you want to wear a vintage Chanel bag rather than a newer Chanel bag.

Finally, the Chanel Deauville bag is my personal favourite Chanel diaper bag. First of all, because it comes in a few sizes, one of which is HUGE, which is perfect if you want to fit everything you need inside, especially if you have more than one child. It’s also made of canvas so it’s a little lighter weight to carry compared to the other leather bags, making it easier to drag around, especially if you are carrying your child in your arms. It can also be carried as a top handle bag or worn over the shoulder, which is perfect for pushing a pram or if your child is in your arms. And finally, I love the Chanel deauville bag because it’s a little more casual and effortless than a lot of the other Chanel bags. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to look pulled together, especially as a new mum. So, the Chanel Deauville bag is perfect as it has a more casual vibe which means you can wear it with leggings and a comfortable jumper and the bag will make your outfit look a whole look more pulled together and intentional. I’m a huge fan of the Chanel Deauville bag, I blogged about it here if you want to read!

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chanel tote bag handbag deauvilles grey

Go Shopping!

Get 20% off Chanel Bags at therealreal.com with the code ‘REAL’

Thank you for reading my What’s in My Chanel Diaper Bag!? + How To Save Money On Chanel Bags!! I hope it was of help! This post contains affiliate links.