Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

Hello friends! Today I wanted to stop by and chat about the new Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag collection! This is part of the Mulberry 50th Anniversary collection and honestly, I never thought I would be so excited by the Mulberry Antony bag as I am right now! Designer Nicholas Daley has transformed this classic utilitarian bag into the ultimate 70’s boho hipster bag! Perfect for everyone who dreams of a beatnik lifestyle road tripping across America taking in all the live music they can find. It’s also a brilliant unisex bag… OK! Let’s do a Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

“As part of a series of collaboration collections for our 50th anniversary, contemporary designer Nicholas Daley updates our iconic Antony messenger bag with a combination of soft and supple small-printed grain leather and luxurious suede, referencing a 70s music aesthetic that runs throughout this limited capsule collection. The Mulberry x Nicholas Daley Antony also introduces new details and techniques including whipstitch, as well as updating iconic Mulberry hardware, flipping our signature Postman’s Lock so the twist goes north to south.”

Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

Mulberry Antony Bag Size, Price & Details

  • One main compartment
  • Exterior zip pocket on the back of the bag
  • Internal oval patch with Mulberry Editions & Nicholas Daley branding
  • Reversed Postman’s Lock
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Detachable tassel puller
  • Herringbone lining
  • Metal finish
  • Leather & Suede

Mulberry Antony Bag – Mini Size – £595

Height 19.5cm

Width 11cm

Depth 5cm

Strap 96cm

Mulberry Antony Bag – Small Size – £1,095

Height 20.2cm

Width 18cm

Depth 6.5cm

Shoulder Strap Drop 66cm

Mulberry Antony Bag – Classic Size – £1,395

Height 23.8cm

Width 22cm

Depth 7cm

Shoulder Strap Drop 68cm

Mulberry Antony Bag – Large Size – £1,695

Height 30.8cm

Width 28.5cm

Depth 8cm

Shoulder Strap Drop 68cm

Mulberry Antony Bag – Oversized – £1,795

Height 46cm

Width 41cm

Depth 13cm

Shoulder Strap Drop 68cm

Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

How To Get A Mulberry Discount

  • Become a shareholder to get a 20% discount – you need to hold at least 500 shares
  • Wait for black friday – they have amazing deals!
  • Head down to the Somerset factory shop or the Bicester village store
  • Scout out stockists who have a 20% customer loyalty shopping day and get in early!
  • Buy your Mulberry bag at the airport for a 20% discount!

Mulberry 50th Anniversary Collection

In case you haven’t noticed, the Mulberry brand have just turned 50 years old! From their humble beginnings, to establishing themselves as a worldwide brand, they have always stayed true to their Somerset roots and their high quality leathers and commitment to fine craftsmanship. When it comes to quality, no-one can beat Mulberry; the top brands are on a par with Mulberry, admittedly, they charge triple the price for the luxury. But no one can beat Mulberry and every brand charging the same prices as Mulberry are a substandard quality. Just saying! Anyywaayyyy…

The 50th Anniversary collection is jammed packed with amazing collaborations, glow ups and re-releases of old favourites like the iconic Mulberry Alexa Bag.

Mulberry Antony Bag Review

The Mulberry Antony Bag is arguably one of the most polarising Mulberry bags in the collection. It’s LOVED by so many for it’s easy, casual, practical, go-anywhere and go-with everything vibes. Yet, it’s disliked by others for being too plain, simple and functional-looking. Proof that you can’t be all things to all people, so you may as well be yourself!!

But seriously, handbag metaphors aside, the Mulberry Antony bag is a best-selling bag from the brand which is known and loved by so many for it’s simple, easy style. It’s remained largely unchanged for decades and I personally never expected it to be part of the 50th Anniversary collaborations. However, I’m so glad it has been! The humble Antony bag has been given a beatnik glow-up and I’m SO here for it! The mini size is adorable, the extra large size is perfect for the men and the classic is an easy, but cool practical handbag for wearing summer and winter, with everything from jeans to vintage dresses. I love the suede and leather mix and the tassel and fringing details. If your style is cool, laid back and effortlessly casual and hip. Then this new Mulberry Antony bag is for you!

Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review! I hope it’s of help! If you have any questions, please do let me know and don’t forget to check out my other posts on the Mulberry collaborations for the 50th anniversary of the brand!

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Nicholas Daley x Mulberry Antony Bag Review!