Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag! Review

Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

Hello friends! Today I want to have a chat about the Gucci Marmont bag and everything you need to know about it!! In case you have been living under a rock, Gucci are HOT! And they have been for years and in my opinion, they will continue to get hotter. The collections are getting stronger and stronger, the direction is amazing and quite frankly, these guys are showing no sign of slowing! Anyway, let’s do a Gucci Marmont bag review, also… how pretty is the marmont in pink!?

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gucci marmont bag label made in italy

Gucci Marmont Bag Review

When it comes to handbags, I truly believe they are an investment and each purchase needs to be fully considered. I’m also a big fan of hunting down a designer bag at a slightly reduced rate, be that via duty free, preloved or at a sample sale or outlet store. Today I’m going to be chatting about one of the most beautiful and classic Gucci bag on the market, the Marmont bag and doing a Gucci Marmont review, because friends… there’s a lot to be said about this bag!!

The leather is super soft, but to the point where I do worry about scratching it (although its been worn a fair few times and I haven’t scratched it yet!) and the chain is beautifully chunky and sturdy. The clasp has the heavy Gucci GG logo on, which I love and the quilting is perfect. The inside of the flap is leather and the lining is more of a microfibre. It has Gucci ‘Made in Italy’ on the label and one of my favourite details of the bag HAS to be the pink quilted heart on the back. This is a bit of a seasonal detail which might not age that well, but let’s be honest, it’s on the back of the bag, so whilst the front side is classic, the back is a little more fun and will make the bag age better.

It’s a beautifully made bag, it is worth the price tag in terms of quality, but for me, I would recommend buying this bag in leather rather than velvet as I have noticed the velvet version has not lasted as well. Which is a real shame. For me, the Gucci bags have to be leather… but if you love the velvet and you know it can damage easily, then go wild!

This bag retails for around £1500, but if you can, try and hunt one down on the preloved market as this will save you a fortune!

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Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

The Velvet Is Easily Damaged

First up and I’m so sorry to break this to you, but the velvet is really easily damaged. It looks stunning in the shop but it doesn’t fair well if you wear it in anything less than perfect weather conditions. Plus the pile of the velvet is super luxe and cushioned but as a result, the chain has a tendency to leave indentation marks in the velvet anywhere that the chain sits against the bag. Which is a real shame. Personally, I love the Gucci Marmont bag in velvet, however, I’m not sure I would recommend anyone purchases it unless they are aware of how careful they need to be with it. It’s not an every day bag; it’s defiantly an occasion bag. The leather and canvas finishes of the Marmont bags are a lot more durable but the velvet is beautiful, but it had its limitations.

Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag quilted pink gold

Two Ways To Wear

The Gucci Marmont bag is essentially a classic flap bag which can be worn at two different lengths. Over the shoulder, or with the strap doubled over to make a shorter shoulder bag. Of course, if you are petite you can wear it as a crossbody bag too. Also just so you know, the strap length isn’t adjustable, but there is a leather section which makes carrying your bag over your shoulder a lot more comfortable than if it was fully chain.

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Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

There Is a Heart On The Back

This is such a cute detail; but on the back of the Gucci Marmont bag there is a stitched heart. It’s done in a quilted style and it’s really an adorable touch. If you are buying a preloved Gucci bag and this detail is missing, it could be a sign that you are looking at a fake. Just so you know!

gucci marmont bag heart on the back Gucci marmont review

Buy It Pre-Loved At A Lower Price!

Speaking of pre-loved Gucci bags, don’t forget that if you want the Marmont bag, but you don’t have the budget, then why not consider buying it pre-loved for a little cheaper. I have seen some great slightly worn Gucci bags on the real real for a lower price and if you use the code ‘REAL’ you can get an extra 20% off! It’s also worth looking out for Gucci bags at the airport to get it at a 20% duty free price, buy now pay later options, as well as at Bonham’s at auction price and even at Bicester Village!

Is it worth the money?

It can be hard to know which bags to buy into which will stand the test of time. Of course, there will always be classics like the Louis Vuitton Neverful or the Hermes Kelly or the Chanel classic flap bag, but beyond that… which bags can you confidently invest in?! Personally I would say the Mulberry Bayswater or Alexa is always a good shout or the Gucci Marmont bag. This bag has been a fashion IT bag for a few years now and it’s showing no sign of slowing. It’s a classic flap bag which is always a popular silhouette and it’s still going strong with some of the most fashionable women across the world.

The Gucci marmont bag – pros & cons

Pros: beautifully made, iconic bag, comes in fun colours and finishes, sold out versions can become collectible, more affordable than Chanel and Hermes, gives ‘cool girl’ vibes, comfortable to Carry, two ways to wear

Cons: soft leather more prone to damage than grainier leathers, strap isn’t adjustable, velvet finishes are easily damaged

Where to wear the Gucci marmont bag

  • Weddings
  • Fancy restaurants
  • Parties
  • Luxury shopping
  • In your Instagram pics to look cool!
  • Lunch with friends
  • art galleries
  • job interviews to stand out

Go Shopping!

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 Ta da!! And there we have it! My Gucci marmont bag review! I hope it’s of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions. Also this post contains affiliate link.

Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag

Are Gucci bags good?

Yes! Gucci bags are great! The designs are stunning, the prices are fair (and I share how to save money on them!) and the quality is great!

Which Gucci bag is most popular?

This season and over the past few yeas, the Gucci Marmont bag has been the most popular Gucci bag in the collection. It’s also one of the most reasonably priced.

Is buying Gucci Marmont worth it?

Yes! However, I would recommend reading my full post on it as some styles of it are best avoided like the velvet Marmont as it doesn’t last as well as others!  The quality, design, size options and price make it a great investment designer bag!

Is Gucci mini bag worth it?

The Gucci mini bag is super cute, however, it might be worth spending a little more to get a more usable practical size which can be worn every day for every occasion.

Are Gucci bags out of style?

No, they are very much in style and have been for a few years now. A safe fashion investment and a little less costly than a Chanel or Hermes bag!

My Gucci Marmont bag story


Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag