December Faves!! We Need To Talk!!!


December Faves

Hello friends!!! I hope you are well! Can you believe it’s time for December Faves?! I can’t!!! I am so excited to share my favourites with you all, it’s been a busy old month with everything, in fact, I didn’t even manage to do a November faves because it was so busy!! OK! Let’s go! We have a LOT to talk about!!!

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She Arrived!!!

She’s here! Baby Mary!! I still can’t believe it! She’s perfect and amazing and I’m so thrilled! After 9 months of waiting for her, I still can’t believe she’s here!!! I feel so lucky! Already my life has changed a lot, the broken sleep patterns, night feeds, you name it, it’s been a LOT, but she’s wonderful!

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Listening & Watching

This month we have been watching a lot of Most Haunted re-runs… I know, I know!!! But it’s been fun!!! I’ve also watched a few re-runs of SATC in preparation for And Just Like That… How can I resist. And in terms of podcasts, I have finished listening to Sounds Like A Cult, which I loved and now I’m listening to Crime Show. I also have been loving This Is Love and Heavyweight podcast too. I would recommend subscribing!!

apple airpods

Apple Airpods

My boyfriend bought me Apple iPods for going into hospital and they were truly the best gift EVER!! I use them all the time and they are brilliant for looking after Mary without having wires getting in the way or speaking hands free on the phone. If you are tempted to buy yourself a pair, I highly recommend! They are brilliant!!!

House Renovation

I’m SO excited to tell you there has actually been progression with our house renovation!! Eek!!!! I made a little video so you can see! There’s still SO much to do and more set backs, but I’m excited for when we can move back in, y’know in 5 years time! Jon has been a project managing power house recently, so I’m very grateful to him for being so amazing!


Wallpaper Shopping

I’m SO excited about finally thinking about decorating our house and of course my attention goes straight to wallpaper prints! I LOVE this stunning vintage floral from I Love Wallpaper, isn’t it dreamy?!

The Body Shop ‘Kindness & Pears’ Body Yogurt

Have I been hiding under a rock?!! Possibly! Because I’m new to The Body Shops Body Yogurts and I LOVE them. They are lightweight, absorb fast and generally really hydrating body lotions. I love them straight out of the shower and they are great on slightly damp skin too! My fave scent is Kindness & Pears which is limited for christmas and just a really fun and pretty pear scent.

anthropologie bust candle

Homewares Shopping!

In a wildly optimistic move, I’ve start homewares shopping in anticipation of moving back into our house!! I’m stalking all my favourite places; Designers Guild, eBay, etsy, Anthropologie, Liberty, I’m going in!! I’m SO excited!! These stunning candles are from Anthropologie and I LOVE Them!!! Shop them here!

fashion for lunch baby

Breast Pump

I got a breast pump just before I got pregnant and it’s been a life saver! It was given to me second hand by my sister in law and I honestly had no idea how much I would use it. Mary & I have struggled latching on and the breast pump has been invaluable for us both. If you are pregnant and considering buying a pump, I highly recommend it! Even if you buy a second hand one – which I know sounds gross – but all the parts can be sterilised and then it’s good to go! It’s a game changer!

pearl lowe faded glamour

Pearl Lowe ‘Faded Glamour’ Book

I recently bought myself the Pearl Lowe ‘Faded Glamour’ Book and it’s giving me ALL the interiors inspo. It’s a stunning book and I am swooning over every single image and room. I might need to order myself the next book ‘Faded Glamour By The Sea’ which is coming out soon. Stunning book!

vintage deer ornament

Vintage Deer Ornament

I bought this from a local charity shop and it makes me smile every day!! I want to find more vintage animal ornaments now!

Liz Earle Probiotic Balancing Skincare Review + A 30% Discount Code! cleansers

Liz Earle Probiotic Skin Care

During pregnancy I fell in love with the new Liz Earle Probiotic skin care range for it’s super gentle, hydrating, simple skin care. Post-baby, it’s still working really well for me; again, I love it’s nourishing, gentle formula, but now Mary is here, I have WAY less time for skin care and I love how easy and effective it is in a jiffy!

Electric Tooth Flosser

Water Flosser

Admittedly this is a weird thing to mention, but I have been loving my Waterik Flosser. I always thought these were such pointless gadgets, but actually, it’s amazing!! Especially handy during pregnancy / breast feeding when my teeth were weaker than normal (it’s normal I promise!) as I have been really paranoid about doing anything ‘aggressive’ to my teeth. If you are pregnant and / or breast feeding I would 100% recommend, or even if you aren’t, it’s still brilliant!!

pram friendly national trust

 National Trust Membership

Now that we are ‘with child’, we decided to join the National Trust with a … wait for it… family membership plan!!! It’s great for Gordon & Mary and we relish the fact trust most of the paths are pram friendly too! What a treat!

Feel Unique FREE Beauty Samples

I feel like this is an amazing service that NOONE seems to know about!!! Did you know at Feel Unique you can get FREE beauty samples?!! It’s true! Once a month, you can order 5 free samples and all you have to pay for is the £3.95 shipping, which you get back as a gift voucher. So basically. Free. AMAZING! I order these every month and I gthink they are incredible! My favourite item is of course, Aromatherapy Associates bath oil! The dream!

Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later handbag review

Gucci Bag Review


christmas rainbow colourful paperchase christmas tree

Stocking up on 2022 Christmas Decorations

Don’t judge, but I’m already stocking up on 2022 Christmas decorations! In my opinion, there’s no better time to stock up on festive treats than in the sales and I’m all in!

Ta da!! And there we have it! My December Faves, it’s been a pretty life changing month!!! What a difference a few weeks makes!!

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