TEN Fail Safe Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

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TEN Fail Safe Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

OK, admittedly, these are fail safe gifts for MY boyfriend, but let’s be honest, if my boyfriend loves them, there is a good chance yours will too! These are literally ALL gifts I have given my boyfriend in the past and ALL of them have gone down a treat!! Also, I personally find my boyfriend loves gifts that he can use on a everyday or nearly-everyday basis. I also find they don’t mind if they have something ‘small’, but it has to be good. If in doubt, go for quality over quantity, because the chances are, they don’t want a full body grooming kit from some crappy supermarket brand, they would rather have one great razor and one brilliant face cream. Y’know what I’m saying?! Anyway! Here are my TEN Fail Safe Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Christmas!!  Let’s go!

muck boots muckmaster

New Wellies

OK! First up, men love a good pair of wellies! Perfect for Winter walks with the dog, outdoor actives and day trips to the coast or the forest. All the men in my life LOVE Muck boots, they are great quality, warm, comfortable and generally brilliant! If your man is more of a boot wearer, then try a pair of Blundstone boots instead! They are also very popular with the boys! Again, brilliant quality, durable and comfortable.

Bulldog Skincare  for men

Bulldog Skincare 

Bulldog skincare ALWAYS gets my vote when it comes to gifts, especially for stocking fillers or if you are on a budget. Bulldog give you GREAT quality mens skincare which is 100% natural, totally hardworking and honestly brilliant. I wish there was a women’s range because I can’t think of any comparable womens’ brand who deliver such good quality natural skincare at that price! Brilliant! Also, their razors are brilliant, but if in double, go for the original skincare kit.

ECOOKING Hand & Foot Set 

ECOOKING Hand & Foot Set 

This is actually a gift I have given to my dad on quite a few occasions and it’s ALWAYS gone down well! ECOOKING do brilliant unisex skincare, all of which is natural, organic and raw. It’s super hardworking and beautifully packaged for the sustainably conscious. Out of all their gift sets, I would say the best one for men is the Hand & Foot Care Set. Really hardworking and great for men who use their hands a lot and love to walk or run frequently. Plus they love the packaging!

Roja Parfums 'Vetiver' 

Roja Parfums ‘Vetiver’ 

When it comes to fragrance my boyfriend’s absolute fave is ALWAYS Roja Parfums. He is obsessed. He absolutely loves it!! There is truly no other fragrance brands he loves anywhere near as much. In case you don’t know, Roja fragrances are super luxe, incredible quality and generally the most beautiful and fine fragrance blends in the world. No really… I’m not exaggerating! There are some incredible fragrances to choose from, but personally I would say go for Vetiver if you aren’t sure as that one is mine and his favourite and I think it’s a generally wonderful all-season long lasting fragrance which is impossible not to love.

barbour jumper, mainline menswear

Barbour Jumper

If in doubt, get him a Barbour jumper. Or a barbour tee-shirt… or even a Barbour belt. But over the years I have learnt you can’t go wrong with a bit of Barbour! Boden is also a real crowd pleaser, as is Schoffel. But seriously, if in doubt, a good Barbour cable knit jumper, in dark green, dark blue or charcoal. My boyfriend was wearing his charcoal grey Barbour jumper from three years ago today and he still adores it!

Ray Ban Sunglasses clubmaster sunglasses glasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Sure there are a lot of sunglasses brands out there, but Ray-Ban are ALWAYS the best!! If he has a bigger face go for classic Wayfarers and if he has a smaller finer featured face go for Clubmasters. And if you know he loves an aviator, go wild! Whatever you go for, just make sure it’s Ray-Bans!

maine debenhams fathers day pyjamas


A good pair of pyjamas is always a great idea! Again, Boden always go down a treat in our household. M&S are also always popular and if you really want to spend, go for Derek Rose.

le creuset mugs rainbow fathers day gift guide

Mug or Thermos 

Another one if you have a slightly lower budget, a new mug is always a good idea! I personally love Le Creuset mugs, but there are so many great ones to choose from. Failing that, if he loves to spend time outdoors then consider a really nice travel mug or mini thermos flask. My boyfriend is very specific on which mugs he likes to drink out of and he also loves his thermos too, he likes to take it to the woods with him!

mens molton brown christmas gift set

Molton Brown Treats 

If you boyfriend likes to hit the gym or just destress after hard weeks at work, then I PROMISE you, he will love a good luxury bath or shower treat. My boyfriend LOVES Molton Brown (as do I) and he adores using their products in both the shower in the morning, as well as the bath at night time. They lather up beautifully, smell incredible and truly make a brilliant gift for any man… or woman for that matter!

bose headphones


Finally, a good pair of headphones is always a winner. Figure out if he prefers in-ear or over the head style ones. Personally I would say if he likes in-ear then apple airpods are a great shout, otherwise I can’t recommend Bose enough, especially if he travels a lot on planes, then get him the noise-cancelling ones and he will be obsessed with them! My boyfriend LOVES his!!

Ta da!!! And there we have it! TEN Fail Safe Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Christmas! I really hope this post is of help, let me know if it inspires any of your gifts this christmas!! Also this post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.