Gucci Bag: Buy Now Pay Later?!

Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later handbag review

Gucci Bag: Buy Now Pay Later?!

Hello friends! Today I want to have a chat about Gucci bags and if you can buy now pay later. Also, before we get started, I do just want to mention, whilst there are a LOT of advantages to spreading payments of luxury goods and looking at finance options. Please never buy anything you can’t afford, because messing up repayments can mess up your credit score and that’s something you really don’t want to do. We are trying to be responsible with our spending here and invest in one or two dream pieces, not get ourselves into financial issues. So please. if you can’t trust yourself to make the repayments or you don’t have the money, please don’t buy! OK! Let’s chat about Gucci Bag: Buy Now Pay Later options!

Why would you buy a Gucci Bag ‘buy now pay later’?

Let’s be honest here, a Gucci bag is stunning and a fashion investment, however, saving up the cash to buy a Gucci bag or any designer bag for that matter, can be hard. It’s rare we find ourselves with a spare £1200-£3000, even if you have a budget of £500 a month disposable income. It’s hard saving up lump sums – Am I right?! I don’t know about you guys, but I find myself getting distracted with ‘low hanging fruit’ and in my world. that means cute sparkly high street handbags which I’ll probably only wear once. Instead, I would rather buy one handbag a year – maybe even one handbag every other year – and really adore it! Which is why a payment option can be a great option!

I personally find that when I splash out on a designer bag I tend to buy less ‘instant gratification’ high street bags. Which not only can save me money in the long run, but it also feels a lot more sustainable to have a handful of dream bags, rather than a wardrobe full of ‘bags I quite like, until I buy my dream bag’. Hopefully by investing in one dream bag, you won’t feel the need to splurge up to £100 on a high street bag which doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Personally, I love looking at finance options as it means I can stagger the payments and make them a lot more manageable and make buying expensive purchases more attainable. I might not be able to afford to shell out £1200 on a bag right now, but I CAN manage £100 a month for the next year… see where I’m coming from!?

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Can You Buy A Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later At Gucci?

Yes, Gucci work with Affirm who allow you to spread your repayments. There are three options with Affirm, you can either make 4 interest free payments, one every two weeks. This is the best for smaller purchases and might not be the best for something more expensive like a Gucci bag. However, it is worth knowing this option is completely interest free. So, you pay just the price of the bag, with no interest payments on top. A $1000 bag would cost you $1000, however, you have a just two months to pay the bag off, which might be a challenge for a lot of people cash-flow wise.

You can also choose to pay in 6 monthly payments and this is at an interest rate of 15%. so if you buy a $1000 bag you will pay it off over 6 months with 6 split payments. You will pay interest on these payments, however, it gives you a little longer to pay the bag off. A $1000 bag will cost you $1044.22 over the 6 month period.

Finally, you can pay your Gucci bag off over 12 months. This is again at an APR interest rate of 15% however, it will cost double in interest as it’s over double the period of time. Making a $1000 bag cost $1083.10. These payments would be split into 12 over the course of the year, making your bag around $90.25 per month. If you can easily afford that and you are happy with the interest and you can be trusted to repay EVERY month. Then it could be a good option for you!

Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later handbag review

Pay with a 0% Interest Credit Card & Pay off over 12 months

Alternatively, you could buy your dream handbag with a 0% interest credit card. This might be a balance transfer card or one that you can apply for without transferring a balance, but either way, you could pay for it with this and then set up a standing order each month to pay of 1/12 of the bag. Again, you need to be able to trust yourself with doing this, otherwise by the end of the year you will have a nasty shock when the bag isn’t paid off and the interest rate RAMPS up! But it’s another option and it could work super well for you! I have done this in the past and it’s great! It’s a good way to buy your dream item and pay it off over a longer period of time without the interest that Affirm / Klana have. Please do read the small print and know the T&C’s as you don’t want to get caught out.

Vestiaire Collective Via Affirm

You can buy a Gucci bag using Affirm via pre-loved website Vestiarie Collective. Using the same rates and time scales as shown above.

Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later handbag review

The Real Real Via Affirm (and don’t forget to use the discount code!)

You can buy a Gucci bag using Affirm via pre-loved website TheRealReal. Don’t forget to use the discount code ‘REAL’ for 20% off!

Gucci Beauty

This is just an FYI, but if you do want to buy now and pay later, or buy now and pay in instalments for your Gucci Beauty items, then you can do via Feelunique using Klarna. Klarna give you either 30 days of interest free and fee-free payments, or you can spread the cost of the items over 3 equal payments over 3 months. Also, when you shop with Feelunique have free shipping for orders over £20 and often have loads of great freebies at the checkout too. Just so ya know!

Gucci Bag Buy Now Pay Later handbag review

Does Gucci use klarna?

No, Gucci does not use Klarna, nor do Chanel, Dior or many other luxury retailers.

Buy On Sale At The Outnet AND Use Klarna

That’s right! You can buy Gucci bags on sale via The Outnet (part of the Net-a-Porter group) and the Outnet accept Klara. So you can save money and spread the payments.

Does Gucci have Afterpay?

No, Gucci does not accept Afterpay, nor do Chanel, Dior or many other luxury retailers.

Does Gucci do Affirm?

Yes Gucci accept Affirm, as do pre-loved stockists like The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective.

My Best Tips For Saving Money On Gucci Bags…

  • Preloved At Auction
  • Preloved at The Real Real – use code ‘REAL’ for further 20% off
  • Gucci at Bicester Village
  • Buy at the Airport for a 20% discount at Duty Free
  • The Outnet

Go Shopping!

This post contains affiliate links for shopping. You might also want to read this post on if you can buy Chanel Bags buy now pay later too.