Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money? + How To Get A Mulberry Bag Discount

Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money? + How To Get A Mulberry Bag Discount

Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money?

Hello friends today I want to share a blog post on Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money? And also answer the age old question… how do I get a discount on a mulberry bag?! Today we are going to be chatting all things Mulberry Handbags; Price, quality, best bags, repairs and of course, how to score a discount! Let’s go!

Mulberry Bag Quality Review

Ok! So first things first are Mulberry bags worth the money in terms of quality?! Personally, I think so! Mulberry bags have always been top quality, the leather is beautiful think English leather, generally with a hard wearing grainy finish, all the hardware is brass and really beautiful. And the stitching is always beautifully done and really durable. Mulberry bags tends to be quite simple and don’t feature much in terms of fussy lining or embellishments and crystal work, instead they tend to be leather, stitching and brass hardware. very little else. Personally, I love the Mulberry bag quality standards, I think it’s second to none. I love the leathers and I think they tend to look better with age rather than deteriorate, which in my opinion is a sign of a great quality bag.

How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?!

Mulberry Bag Repair Service Review 

Ok. So I have to be honest here, even though I think Mulberry bag quality standards are super high, if you do ever need a repair… I’m less impressed. If anything happens to your bag within a year, they will fix it for you and life if good. No matter if you bought it on sale or at the factory shop. However, after a year you have to pay for repairs and they are not cheap.

I had a bag that had only been worn a few times, but the zip broke and they tried to charge me around £130 to get it fixed. A local cobbler quoted me £15. AND, If I compare it to a similar repair on a Chanel bag, that only cost £55. So Mulberry repairs are expensive. Also, it’s worth mentioning Chanel said if my bag had been less than 15 years old, it would not have been chargeable at all. But since it was 20 years old they charged me £55. Which felt more than reasonable. £130 for a new zip at Mulberry however… did not!

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How to store &  clean a Mulberry bag

When you are not using your Mulberry bag, simply give it a dust or a Hoover on the inside to clean it out. Pad it with tissue paper or bubble wrap to help it keep its shape and then pop it back in the dust bag and store it away. Personally I would recommend keeping it at ‘room temperature’, not too hot, not too cold. You also want to keep it away from humidity, damp and super warm, dry conditions. Like in an airing cupboard, loft, cellar, garage etc. A nice temperate condition is always the best!

If you get your Mulberry bag wet, just wipe it down with a clean, dye free cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Don’t put it next to a radiator or dry it off with a hair dryer, just let it dry naturally. Mulberry bags are made of brilliant quality leather and fair really well in the rain, but it’s always best not to take it out if it is a downpour.

Finally, this part is up to you, but I would advise you to give your Mulberry bag a good clean and Polish with leather cleaner every year or so. This will help lift dirt and grime, but also help feed the leather so it’s nourished and strong. Old, dry leather is more prone to scratches, cracks and general wear and tear, so even though polishing a leather bag can feel scary, it’s actually the best thing you can do to give your bag a long healthy life. Try a test patch in a discrete place before you do the whole bag.


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Which are the best Mulberry bags?

Let’s Chat About The Mulberry Sadie Satchel Bag

How to get a Mulberry bag discount?

There are a few ways to get a discount on a Mulberry bag, these are my fave:

  • Go to the Somerset factory shop
  • Wait for their infamous Black Friday sales
  • Become a shareholder for 20% off
  • But preloved Mulberry via the real and use the discount code ‘REAL’ for a further 20% off
  • Keep an eye on stockists for flash sales and discount days
  • Visit their Bicester Village store

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Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money?

Yes! But if you are in London, don’t drive there just for the day. Only go if you are in the area as it’s not bigger, better or well stocked than the Bicester Village store. Also try to know your stock and prices and avoid anything which seems too ‘classic’ as these are often not as good deals as they might seem. For instance if you find a Bayswater bag in black, it could be there because the quality of the leather isn’t good enough to sell at full retail price. Instead you want to look for past season colours and silhouettes as these will be the perfect quality, just didn’t sell well enough at full price.

So, Are mulberry Bags Worth The Money?

Yes! In my opinion Mulberry bags are worth the money! They are beautiful quality, perfectly made and the leather they use is perfection. Some of the best in the business! However, I would say to do your research on which Mulberry bag you want and what colour you want. Also do keep an eye out for flash sales, Black Friday deals and the end of season sales to get a discount on your dream bag.

Go Shopping! 

Are Mulberry Bags Worth The Money? + How To Get A Mulberry Bag Discount? I really hope this post is of help! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please do let me know!

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