What Is Vlogmas? + Vlogmas Video Ideas 

What Is Vlogmas? + Vlogmas Video Ideas 

What Is Vlogmas? + Vlogmas Video Ideas 

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about what is vlogmas, why YouTubers do vlogmas and also give you lots and lots of vlogmas video ideas! I really hope this post is of help and if you have any questions, let me know!! 

What is Vlogmas?

Vlogmas is when YouTubers will make daily videos preparing for Christmas. This includes decorating, baking, shopping, socialising and hauls. 

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What Is Vlogmas? + Vlogmas Video Ideas 

Why do YouTubers do Vlogmas?

Some YouTubers do vlogmas because their audiences love it and see it as a ‘gift’ for their subscribers. However, there is monetary reasons for doing vlogmas too. For one thing, YouTube views are way higher over the festive period so the more videos they do, the more likely it is their channel will be seen by new viewers and they will get more subscribers. Along side this, Adsense payments are WAY higher during the lead up to Christmas as brands start to target viewers with adverts. So the Adsense payments alone can be super lucrative. Finally, for vloggers doing hauls like party dresses, pyjamas, table decorations and gift sets, they are much more likely to make a LOT more sales at this time of year and therefore a lot more money.

Is Vlogmas still a thing? 

Yes! Vlogmas is still a thing and it’s still super popular! Audiences love it as it feels like really fun and festive content in the lead up to christmas. Views tend to be higher on these videos too so it can be a really lucrative time of year for vloggers too. Some vloggers do videos Monday to Friday, rather than every single day, and other vloggers start creating their videos in November and schedule them to go live in December. 

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How much money can you earn from vlogging?

The main ways to make money vlogging or on Youtube is via sponsored posts with brands, Adsense revenue and affiliate sales. I did a video which you can watch above about how much I make every month on Adsense, to give you an idea of how much you make. However, this does vary between youtubers and how popular they are, the video views and their niche. Also during the run up to christmas you can make around 3 or 4 times as much revenue as you can at any other time of the year. This can be the same for Adsense and sponsored posts too, as every brand is willing to pay a premium to content creators to help them make more sales at this time of year. 

Vlogmas Video Ideas 

  • Come Christmas shopping with me
  • Come to a Christmas market with me
  • Decorating the home for Christmas
  • Preparing for a Christmas party
  • Get ready for a Christmas party with me
  • Let’s make Christmas cocktails
  • Unboxing Christmas advent calendars
  • Come Christmas food shopping with me
  • Buying a Christmas tree
  • Decorating the Christmas tree
  • Decorating parts of your home for Christmas
  • Come see Christmas lights with me
  • Visiting stately home Christmas displays
  • Christmas craft ideas
  • Christmas baking
  • Christmas party dresses haul & try on
  • Christmas pyjamas haul & try on
  • Surprising friends with their dream gift
  • Christmas table decorating and diy tips
  • Get ready with me & best Christmas films ever chatty video
  • Christmas candle haul
  • Christmas gift set haul

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Ta da! And there we have it! What Is Vlogmas? Vlogmas Content Ideas, as well as some information on how much vloggers make during vlogmas. I hope this post is of help to you, let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading!! 

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What Is Vlogmas? + Vlogmas Video Ideas 

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